The Horseshoe Trader

It is with great pleasure that we are able to present to our online readers this series of articles which began in 1997 and was enjoyed by our Horseshoe Pitching NEWSLINE readers for the past seven-year period.
A note from Bob Dunn, author of the series.
With the first issue, no one would imagine the success that would occur. I also never imagined the enjoyment that would come from researching and writing about antique pitching shoes.

When the first roster of horseshoe collectors was drafted, there were 18 collectors. Today, there are over 70 and they are still signing up.

During the past seven years, many, many individuals have sent pictures, tracings or photocopies of their old treasures for identification. Many others brought their shoes to World Tournaments for examination. Those individual all appreciated the help and information they received and all of us collectors enjoyed helping out. Out of that effort, several shoe donations have been generated for the NHPA Hall of Fame display and many more commitments for future donations.

This series has had a large and dedicated following. I appreciate that and feel gratified that so many NHPA members have expressed and joined into the understanding that the old antique pitching shoes are artifacts of our history and each shoe is a footprint in our tradition.

I certainly will remain available to anyone who needs to inquire about some old shoes. Keep my address handy: 6417 Georgia Ave No, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428, phone: 763-535-3884.