Where Are They?


The Anchor Horseshoe Company, Fresno, California, first appeared as a horseshoe manufacturer in aclick to enlarge list of sanctioned shoes published in a 1936 Horseshoe World magazine. Later a pictured ad of the Anchor-On shoe appeared in the 1940 NHPA publication, "The Horseshoe Compendium." That is the extent of the information we have about this shoe.

As the company was in business for at least five years, there should have been enough shoes produced that some Anchor-On would show up in collection, at least in the western states - but none so far. The shoe is a cross between a Cordon and an Ohio shoe. The Anchor-On had the double notch ringer breaker of an Ohio and the calks of a Gordon. That should have led to some sales success as a tournament style shoe, adding to the mystery of why none are showing up in collection.

The 1940 ad brings a bit of interesting history. The Anchor-On shoe was endorsed by Ira Alien. All are familiar with the name Ted Alien, all-time leader in world championships. Ira was a brother to Ted and a champion pitcher also. Ira is quoted as stating he won the 1923 Colorado State Championship at the age of 13. That is a feat also accomplished by Fred Hay in 1921, by winning the Minnesota State Championship. Those two individuals are the youngest state champions on record.

We do have proof that Anchor-On was a real shoe and on the market. Don Titcomb tells of pitching Anchor-On shoes.

If you find an Anchor-On shoe,