Collectors: Hers's Your Chance to Expand Your Collection


click to enlarge As of this writing, the initial Horseshoe Trader article has been in circulation less than two weeks, yet already a few responses have been received. If you haven’t been an antique shoe collector, but think collecting would be interesting, register up. It isn’t really a case of “the more the merrier,” it is a case of having collectors from coast to coast, ample collectors to cover and represent all areas of the country, providing a broad base for trading opportunities.

   Hopefully, there will be many questions asked and collectively we can find the answers. For example, I recently found a pair of Guardian shoes in an antique shop. I have no idea where they were made or by whom. Someday, someone will come up with the information. An old ad for Warren shoes was just found in a 1924 wholesale hardware catalog. Does anyone have a pair of Warren shoes?

click to enlarge    A couple other early-day ads are also reproduced to wet the collecting appetite. How many have heard of Indiana horseshoes? That ad is from the January 1931 Horseshoe World. From a 1927 Horseshoe World, is an interesting ad of the Martin Improved shoe, a most unusual shoe with spike-like caulks rather than the traditional blade caulk. Hopefully someone, somewhere, has a few of these shoes.

   Remember, if you wish to be on the Horseshoe Trader roster, send your name, address, list of shoes you are looking for and what shoes you have to offer in trade, to: 6417 Georgia Ave., No., Brooklyn Park, MN 55428. A complete roster will be mailed out to each who register.

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