Celebrating Five Years


   It’s hard to imagine that this series began five years ago. This has been an enjoyable endeavor and considerable ground has been covered in this time. A lot has been accomplished, certainly more than first imagined. True, the focus of this series may appeal to a narrower portion of our membership than much of the other material in the “Horseshoe Pitching NEWSLINE”, but the series has certainly developed a dedicated following.

   The first roster of Horseshoe Traders and Collectors had 18 members. That roster has gradually grown to the present tally of over 60, which states that several members have joined the hobby from exposure of the series.

   A national interest in preserving our artifacts has been enhanced. This is evident by most antique shops and dealers in every state of the union being aware that pitching style horseshoes are a collectible item. This movement greatly enhances our ability to save old shoes from landfills and many from probable extinction.

   Our NHPA collection has expanded from the increased attention and that will continue over time as several individual collectors have expressed intention for donations to the NHPA display in Joelton as they fade out of the hobby. Those collections will be providing rare shoes that are not currently listed as part of the NHPA inventory.

   The interest for displaying collections continues to grow. Not just for collector displaying at club functions and local tournaments/ but many charters are getting into the motion and establishing collections as part of their Hall of Fame exhibits. The latest being Wisconsin, who had a display at the 2001 Team World event and Florida has a quickly growing display at their permanent Hall of Fame exhibit in Clearwater.

   The Horseshoe Trader has enjoyed the honor to reach $500 in donations to the NHPF. These funds were raised through donation cans at the various antique horseshoe displays at tournaments.

   Thank you to collectors that have participated in the research by finding rare old shoes and acquiring old rules brochures and other related items, and sharing that information with all the other collectors. Those that have participated in trading have helped many others to expand their collections.

   Thank you to all who have made inquires about shoes. You have helped make this series interesting and all worthwhile. Each and everyone have received information about your shoes and many of you have gone on to donate those shoes to the NHPA collection. Others have committed to donate later on. Thank you for your generosity.

   Thank you to all who have followed this series and expressed your appreciation.

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Trader Jottings

   There will be a Horseshoes Trader booth in Red Deer, thanks to Lee Wallace. Lee will be at the World Tournament August 4th through the 8th and possibly the 9th. Of course Lee will not be available to host the booth on the shifts when he is pitching, but will schedule as much time as possible to display shoes from his collection and great collectors and visitors. Lee has several uncommon and rare shoes to see and we would like to sign up more collectors to our roster.

   While browsing through an antique shop recently/ I found an old article from a 1935 Collier's magazine. The article was on how to pitch shoes and play the game. What really caught my attention were the pictures of the players that had given input to the article. As we talk about old shoes from yesterday, it is interesting to have a glimpse of those who used those old shoes and to great perfection. This was quite a collection of former pitching greats and the only photo I recall of Caroline Schultz pictured so early in her career.