Old Ohio Ads


This issues featured old rules brochures have particular significance in the long line of Ohio horseshoes. The Ohio Horseshoe Company began manufacturing pitching shoes in 1921. The initial shoes made had little resemblance to our modern-day models and there was an evolution of many changes in the design over the first two decades.

However from 1936 on there was little change in the Ohio shoe right up to the 1990's and the final production. That is except for the Jackson Model produced in 1937. The advertising suggests that Frank Jackson, one of the all-time great world champions, designed the shoe himself, which is rather questionable. This specific model is extremely different Jackson Model from any other model produced by the Ohio Horseshoe Company during its entire 70 plus years in existence. The shoe must not have been popular with the pitchers of the day, as this is a rare shoe and no advertising has ever been found. The shoe was not even mentioned in the HORSESHOE WORLD magazines, which pictured all the pitchers' top favorite tournament shoes. So if it wasn't for this brochure, graciously provided by Dutch Swartz (Florida), we actually would not even be aware of its previous existence.

The 1939 Ohio brochure and the shoe pictured, show the similarity of the Ohio "0" for nearly 6 decades. The 1939 model 1939 OHIO must have been a popular year as collectors commonly come across Ohio's bearing that date. In fact, a couple of years ago a pair of 1939 Ohio's once owned and pitched by George May were donated to our NHPA Hall of Fame collection.


  • Thanks to Herb McCoskey for forwarding a pair of old brandless Chicago Steel Foundry shoes. The shoes were previously owned by Gene Mendenhall, Noblesville, IN, and are being donated to the NHPA Hall of Fame Collection by his widow Phyllis. Thank you to both.
  • Here is a request to any one who has an old rules brochure. Please have a photo-copy made and forward the copy to this writer We can use every resource in our research and just maybe your brochure will be featured in one of our next articles