The Stories Told by Old Rules Brochures


   A great look into the past is possible through the two old rules brochures featured in this issue. First is the brochure produced by Octigan, found while browsing through an antique shop. The date of the brochure is not clear but probably is prior to when the St. Pierre Corporation purchased Octigan. That would date it about 1930. Not only does this brochure give some good views of old shoes/ but an incredible piece of our sports history is pictured on the back page in referring to the American Horseshoe Pitcher's Amateur Tournament. This was no small organization if a $1,000 sterling silver trophy was awarded. Now you history buffs can sink your teeth into this one and find out when and where that organization existed and conducted their big tournament.

The second brochure featured is a 1928 Diamond Horseshoe rules brochure. This is possible through the efforts of Tom Guill, Shelby Ohio, who obtained the brochure with a purchase of an old pair of Diamond shoes in the original box. A great find and is the oldest Diamond brochure in collection that we know of. When this brochure was printed some 72 years ago/ the Diamond company had been making shoes for only four years, (fig. 3) The only models advertised are the Official and hookless junior shoes. The fact that Blue Diamonds, Black Diamonds and Double Ringers aren't mentioned, confirms that those models certainly are later models of the 1930's, which was believed to be the case. (fig. 4) At the time each these brochures were printed, the game rules called for the stake to be 10 inches high.