Name AddressWLPtsRDRSPOPPct.
L. W. Eaton, Columbus, O92095563911417161335.372
Hansford Jackson, Lamoni, Ia.92097562911116821265.374
C. C. Brundige, Columbus, O82193068413816621243.412
Parker Moore, Homewood, Ill.82197568414316881306.405
Lee Evans, Detroit, Mich.82198071113017741330.401
R, H. Risor, Detroit, Mich.5247465086916201380.314
Leslie Evans, Jacksonville3267024656615461430.301
Glenn Porter, Glendale, Calif.3265834145514761410.280
Abner Whipple, Connersville, Ind.3266313935215881387.247
L. S. Lyemance, Chattanooga Tenn.2276254285615221428.381

     Contestants finished in the order named, the first twelve playing in the finals. Thirteenth prize, $45; 14th, $40 ; 15th, $35; 16th, $30; 17th, $25; 18th, $20; 19th, $15; 20th, $10; total $220.
Ties for all places in the prize money below the eleventh place were played off in a series of three 50-point games. H. E. Jackson won two straight games from Putt Mossman; Emmett Mossman won his first and third games from J. L. Estep. Ties for place below the prize money were decided by percentage of
C. C. Davis, Columbus, Ohio312161815005262138983.702
Bert Duryee, Wichita, Kans.294158114544932096944.694
Blair Nunamaker, Cleveland, O.23101477143747221721175.662
H. Elmerson, Kenosha, Wisc.20131476146444722881299.640
Frank Jackson, Lamoni, Ia.17161372126939520781279.611
C. R. Thompson, Tampa, Fla.15181300125437920861323.601
Jimmy Risk, Montpelier, Ind.15181317124537021361329.583
Carroll E. Jackson, Chicago, Ill.14191268127637121681469.589
Hansford Jackson, Chicago, Ill.13201180118334520861493.567
Harold Falor, Akron, O10231244120332021681516.555
J. D. Hough, Urbana, O 6271046105427820101573.524
Vyrl Jackson, Lamoni, Ia.5281056113131120581567.550
Grand Total of
Preliminaries and Finals

     The players finished in the order named and divided $1530 in cash prizes. First prize, $300 and championship gold medal; 2nd $250 ; 3rd, $200; 4th, $150 ; 5th, $125 ; 6th, $100; 7th, $90; 8th, $80 ; 9th, $70 ; 10th, $60; 11th, $55 ; 12th, $50. Total of all prizes in preliminaries and finals, $1750.
     The first week the 30 men each played each other one 50-point game and prize money below the twelfth place was awarded on the preliminary results.
     The second week each of the highest twelve players played each other one 50- point game each day for three days, the world's championship being decided on the most games won in these finals. Davis lost only one game in the preliminaries and that to Duryee, and two games in the finals - one to Duryee the second day, and one to Nunamaker the third day. The best ringer percentage was made by Davis in his game with V. Jackson in which he pitched 32 ringers, 14 double ringers in 36 shoes or .889 per cent.
     In the second day of the finals Duryee in four consecutive games with Falor, Frank Jackson, Carroll Jackson and Thompson, pitched 100 consecutive innings without missing the peg with more than one shoe. This is a world's record. In these 200 shoes Ditched he made 156 ringers, 46 double ringers, or an average of .78z per cent. On Thursday, Feb. 28, Davis pitched 21 straight ringers in his game with Estep, which equalled the world's record made at the Lake Worth tournament in 1925 by Putt Mossman. The first day of the finals, Davis averaged ovevr 70 per cent in seven games and ovver 80 per cent in two games which is a world's record in such a series of games. His total percentage in these nine games was .731.
     Referees were O. J. Hawkins, J. F. Bowers and H. F. Humphrey. Tournament committee: H. L Ermatinger, Alex Cumming and D. D. Cottrell.