Ralph Spencer, Picher, Okla.238134494323618121077.520
J. H. Buchman, Fremont, Ohio239144993322518621056.501
Wm. Yocum, Zanesville O2310140594129818811111.500
Alvin May, Akron, Ohio2310146397223620301216.471
C. Brundige, Columbus, O1913138993420219881293.469
D. E.. Livengood, Akron, O89685429102928684.466
Jos. Wilkinson, Kenmore, O1419134592720120121272.461
Willie Witt, Akron, O1516120078017917721192.440
Blair Nunamaker, Cleveland, O1616121386417920281823.426
Derella Morris, Columbus, O61061639486932647.423
Chas. Heimbaugh, Akron. O1517125582215719461278.422
Wm. Zeinstein, Youngstown, O8860341281988707.417
P. Brundige, Columbus, O1517124180917219421318.416
Clifford Todd, Zanesville, O9868840380968605.416
Carroll Jackson, Kellerton, Ia.1220113671615017261281.415
Benjamin Dull, Glenmore, O98692409811024648.399
John Dahl, Minneapolis, Minn.89663397801012729 .392
R. M. Ransdell, Minneapolis, Minn.108753411901060716.388
Jack Doyle, Cleveland, O1120107967512517941380.376
William Avery, Youngstown, O51149032660880709.370
John Lux, Canton, O4741121533606428.355
E. B. Steindorf, Stillwater, Minn.7962233961982690.345
L. M. Wilks, Battle Creek, Mich710634366621076722.340
R. L Shrewsbury, Minneapolis5741524043718592.348
Bert M. Newman, Cleveland, O108665356561098739.324
John W. Feasel, Columbus, O 2837821233674478.315
Edwin Werner, Indianapolis, Ind.3322512018394274.305
L. B. Johnson, Grampian, Pa 1930518029605480.298
Jos. F. Jastraub, Kenmore, O1519210620358290.296
Clyde Pickens, Kingsville, O1926616226552492.293
H. R. Johnson, Youngstown, 4738519428672455.289
Fred Brust, Columbus, O 11034418027638528.282
H. E. Centoben, Cleveland, O3834318024646476.279
T. H. Fogarty, Des Moines, Ia.4736718526672515.275
Frank Eachus, Gallipolis, O 34 28112114440290.275
H. E. Denzler, Indianapolis, Ind.151621088396290.273
T. C. Reed, McKeesport, Pa21041920832766555.272
H. Oliver, East Liverpool, O061538310324300.256
Emil Tretor, Cleveland, O06176939376300.247
Alex Cumming, Minneapolis, Minn.061397810328300.238
E. L. Cole, Grand Rapids, Mich21340020927890728.235
Fred Flint, Clearfied, Pa07162828380350.216
G. Jackman, East Liverpool, O07165896414350.215
Chas. R. Cox, Columbus, O2928614317674530.212
Frank Higgins, Lakewood, O15118695336277.205
David E. Bane, Uniontown, Pa161908013406234.197
        Totals4494493495021855470452976 34950.413

     Fifty-three entries, 50 started, divided into seven groups for first elimination, of ten players. These 40 players not eliminated were then divided into eight groups of five men each, and 12 men were eliminated the second time, leaving 28 players. These 28 were again divided into 4 groups of seven men each, and the four men standing highest in each group made up the 16 men that played in the finals. Eliminations were decided on the number of games won and lost in each group.
Geo. May, Akron, Ohio 141720450134750360.600
C. C. Davis, Columbus, O 132715542162888412.610
Loren May, Akron, Ohio 123687480138848451.568
Frank Jackson, Kellerton, Ia. 114720507138936525.542
Ralph Spencer, Picher, Okla. 105617468118878557.533
Wm. Yocum, Zanesville, Ohio 96626439116872563.503
J. H. Buckman, Fremont, Ohio 87534477112962620.496
C. Brundige, Columbus, Ohio 8759841882926655.451