Champion. These various so-called champions never playing each other to really decide the state championship.
     The only record the writer has of these champions is that J. W. Netherton, Sr., of St. Mathews, won the championship in 1923; L. P. Soete, 1644 Stevens Ave., Louisville, in 1924, and L. Miller, 3615 Henry Ave., Louisville, in 1925.
     In 1926 the new representation from each state club to conduct a real state tournament. On Aug. 11th the delegates met and voted to organize the Kentucky Horseshoe Pitchers Association for the purpose of conducting future tournaments and promoting the sport in the state. The first state tournament under this officical sanction was held Sept. 4, 1926, Edward Beckman, R. R. 2, Box 405, Louisville, winning the championship and S. B. Mattingly, 2103 W. Lee St., Louisville, winning second place. Putt Mossman was present and congratulated the officials on holding such a successful tournament.
     Mr. P. J. O'Brien, Louisville, was elected President of the Association in 1926, and under his leadership the game attracted attention of men in all walks of life and became a real sport for both young and old.
     In 1927 another succeessful state tournament was held at Louisville on Aug. 23, S. B. Mattingly, 2103 W. Lee St, Louisville, winning the championship, Lloyd Hagen second, and Edward Beckman, Louisville, who was champion in 1926 coming up a close third.
     The Kentucky Horseshoe Pitchers Association changed its name to the Kentucky Division of the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association of America in May, 1928, and elected the following officers:
     President, E. B. Patterson, 1050 S. 7th St.; First Vice President, L. P. Sengel, 66 S. 41st St. ; Second Vice President, L. P. Soete, 1644 Stevens Ave ; Treasurer L. F. Gagner, 2123 Speed Ave. ; Press Representative, W. B. Reynolds, 1175 E Broadway; Tournament Secretary, T. R. Storey, 611 South 34th St., all of Louisville.
     The 1928 State Championship Tournament was played at Shaconee Park, Louisville, Sept. 23. Edward Beckman, the 1926 champion, again won the cham-pionship with a ringer percentage of .489; Lee Akers, Nolin, Ky., won second place and S. B. Mattingly, the 1927 champion, tied for third place in games with John Morris, a 16-year-old boy, of Lexington. Ky, the place being decided by points gave the boy third and Mattingly fourth. J. D. Southworth champion of the Blue Grass Association, of Fayette County, Ky., fifth place; O. L. Daily, champion of the Standard Manufacturing Co., Louisville, sixth place; Wm. Nuttall, champion of Louisville, seventh place; E. H. Fife, Kenwood, Ky , eighth place; J. L. Harris ninth and Dick Akers, of Nolin, tenth place.
     The association also classifies players according to ability. Class B players with ringer percentage between 20 and 30 percent; Class C players less than 20 per cent. Class B champion in 1928 was W. T. Rainey, Buechel, Ky., and Class C E. N. Beckman, R. R. 2, Box 405, Louisville. There is a three-year loving cup belonging to the association that has to be won three times to belong to the winner. Mr. Beckman and Mr. Mattingly have each won once. The association also owns a cup that will be presented to the man winning the Louisville championship three times.
     Hereafter the Kentucky State Championship Tournament will be held at the State Fair in Louisville. The association intends to have at least three hundred dollars in cash prizes to award besides the cups, etc.
     The State Association has published a very neat booklet of 16 pages and cover, containing its Constitution and By-Laws, in which they have also printed the National Horseshoe Pitching Rules.

     This state has a large number of horseshoe pitchers and has had many good players entered in National Tournaments, but never has had a State Association until 1928.
     A number of representative men from different parts of the state interested in the sport and enthusiastic in its development, met at Battle Creek, Mich., on April 15, 1928, and organized the Michigan State Horseshoe Pitchers Association with the following officers: President, H. E. Smith, 124 N. Broad St. Battle Creek ; First Vice President and Tournament Manager, Harley Rizor, 3018 Lathrop Ave., Detroit; Second Vice President and Promotion Manager, Carl Stenzhorn, 1037 Chestnut St., Port Huron; Secretary. T. M. Howard, Battle Creek; Treasurer, Fred O'Melay, Savings Bank Bldg., Hillsdale.
     The game is played in many parts of the state, being a particularly favorite