CHARLES C. DAVIS Picture at the right on front cover
     Who is Charlie Davis? He won his first World's Championship at St. Petersburg, Fla., in the tournament held at Williams Park, Feb. 20 to 24, 1922, in which 22 players were entered. Among those were Fred Brust, of Columbus, Ohio, who won the World's Championship at St. Petersburg in 1919, also Ralph Spencer, of Pitcher, Okla., who has been a competitor in numerous national tournaments, and stood second in this tournament, only losing one game and that to Davis.
     This tournament was held before a record of shoes pitched was thought to be necessary so no record of Davis' percentage of ringers is available, but he won all of his games.
     His best game, judging from the number of ringers made, was with G. E. Snyder, Albion, N. Y. The record was:
Pts. R DR
Davis................................. 50 31 8
Snyder................................ 16 16 2
     In only one other game in this tournament did any player pitch more ringers than Davis and that was as follows:
Pts. R DR
Spencer............................... 50 33 8
Brust................................. 49 33 6
     In February, 1923, Davis entered the tournament held in Waterfront Baseball Park in St. Petersburg, which was won by Harold Falor, Akron, Ohio, the 15-year-old boy wonder. Frank Lundin, New London, Iowa, who had won the World's Championship at Des Moines in August, 1922, and Frank Jackson, Kellerton, Iowa, who had been World's Champion a number of times, and Ralph Spencer were among the 30 contestants. This tournament was on the Round Robin plan under which each player played every other contestant one 50-point game. Davis stood third, winning 26 games and losing three games, Lundin winning second place. Davis' record was 1366 points, 685 ringers, 189 double ringers, 1238 shoes pitched and a percentage of .5533. It was necessary to carry out the percentage to four decimal places to decide whether Davis or Falor had the largest percentage. Falor's was .5534. This was the first National Tournament held in which a record was made of the shoes pitched. The new score card arranged by D. D. Cottrell was used for the first time in such a tournament.
     In February, 1924, Davis became World's Champion again by winning his 22 games with a record of 1100 points, 586 ringers, 168 double ringers, 1012 shoes pitched, .579 percentage and only 1012 points made against him by his opponents. In this tournament he stood ahead of all of his competitors in all of the points of the game. Frank Jackson was second, Putt Mossman, third and Loren May, fourth.
     In 1924 summer tournament at Minneapolis, he did not defend his title which was won by Putt Mossman.
     In 1925 tournament at Lake Worth he won second place, Putt Mossman. being crowned champion.
Thirty-two players were entered and a Round Robin was played the first week. The second week the 12 men who stood highest in the first week each played each other one 50-point game every day for five days.
     Davis stood third in the preliminaries, winning 27 games and losing four, making 1514 points, 913 ringers. 268 double ringers in 1600 shoes pitched, with a percentage of .571. In the finals Davis stood second winning 45 games and losing 10, making 2623 points, 22.41 ringers, 701 double ringers in 3486 shoes pitched with a percentage of .643. Mossman won in the finals with a percentage of .676, and only losing two games. Jackson third, Loren May fourth, Yocum fifth, Duryee, sixth, Nunamaker seventh, and Spencer eighth.
     In the tournament held at St. Petersburg in February, 1926, Davis did not compete.