on, giving the score card to the score keeper for that court. He continues to call the games in this way consecutively, according to the schedule and order of the score cards that have been made out, as fast as courts are empty.      For information of the crowd in National tournaments, a blackboard, giving the name and score of each player is kept at each court, the score being changed at the end of each inning. Score sheet men should see that these blackboard scores always agree with their score sheet record.
     After a game is finished, the score keeper records on the score sheet, in the proper place, the total number of points, ringers, double ringers, and shoes pitched by each contestant The score sheet is then checked over by the head score keeper to see that no error has been made, and each result marked with a check mark as it is verified. If an error is found a mark is drawn through the incorrect result and the correct figures written down. Each score sheet is marked on the left end with the number of the winner, in good-sized figures, with a red lead pencil, and on the right end with the number of the loser.
     The record of the game is then entered in a book under the name of both the winner and loser. The names of the players in alphabetical order having been arranged on separate pages in a book, ruled for this purpose-a loose-leaf book is somewhat handier.
In order to show exactly how this is done, I am reproducing the book records for the first day of the finals in the
Women's Tournament at St. Petersburg, Fla., in February, 1927:
Brouillette, Mrs. Geo.,
126 Queen Ave , N"
Player's Number
Ohio Shoe
WLPtsR DRSPOpponentsPtsRDR
105032932Mrs. Cole38279
205019332Mrs. Hough54 1
305038772Mrs. Francisco36337

Cole, Mrs. Doris M.,
251 Lafayette St.,
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Player's Number
Ohio Shoe
013827952Mrs. Brouillette50329
023025564Mrs. Francisco50317
105028562Mrs. Hough32234

Francisco, Mrs. Mayme,
425 Thompkins St.,
Player's Number
Ohio Shoe
WLPtsR DRSPOpponentsPtsRDR
105020 446Mrs. Hough990
205031 764Mrs. Cole30255
013633 772Mrs. Brouillette50387
1113684181822-.462 3/8 89

Hough, Mrs. J. W.,        
217 Spring Avenue
Willard, Ohio.
Player's Number
Ohio State
0199046Mrs. Francisco50204
0254132Mrs. Brouillette50193
033223462Mrs. Cole50285

     The record of the first day of the finals, as published in the morning paper the next day, was as follows, giving the totals of each player at the end of the day's play: