Event 2-The 12 men making the next highest number of points competed in Class B for $84, divided into nine prizes, with three other merchandise prizes. 50-point games were played.
     Event 3 was for teams confined to one team from each club belonging to the State Association. $68 in prizes and silver medals, and state banner for one year to winners.
     Event 4-For men of 45 and under 60 years of age; each pitching 150 shoes. Points win. $39 in five prizes.
     Event 5-For men 60 and under 75 years of age. 100 shoes, points win. $26 in five prizes.
     Event 6-100 shoes points win; for men who have never made over 25 ringers in five 21-point games. $18 in five cash prizes. Pair of shoes for sixth prize.
     Event 7-"Boys" 75 years old and up ; each man plays every other one 21- point game. $23 in four cash prizes, and box of cigars for fifth prize.
     Event 8-Youths 13 years and under. $10 in four cash prizes. Each plays every other one 30-point game.
     Event 9-Consolation for those eliminated in events one and two. Each pitch 50 shoes. Points win. Eight merchandise prizes.
     The present officers of the California Horseshoe Pitchers Association are: President, W. H. Smith, 858 10th St., Santa Monica; Vice President, W. R. Bradfield, 1570 Elm Ave., Long Beach; Secretary-Treasurer, Glen B. Porter, 344 Salem St, Glendale.
     Geo. E. Krinbill, who had held the office of secretary in the State Association since it was organized and largely through whose energy and efforts the organization has been built up, and the interest in the tournaments has been sustained and increased, passed away in November. Mr. Glen Porter Glendale, takes his place.
     The Olympic games are to be held in California in 1932, and the State Association is planning on entertaining the same year, if not before, the National Tournament.

     The first record the writer has found of state tournaments in Illinois was the one held at Fairbury, September 7, 1926, at which Walter Torbet won the championship.
     On August 21, 1927, another state tournament was held at the State Fair at Springfield, and Mr. Torbet again won the state championship.
     The third state tournament was held at the Fairbury Fair, Sept. 9, 1928. Gaylord Peterson, of Zoluca. won the championship.
     The State Horseshoe Pitchers Association of Illinois, Inc., is affiliated with the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association of America. These tournaments have been held under the sanction and direction of this State Association whose present officers are: President, L. E. Tanner Anchor; Vice President, O. G. Addleman, 825 S. Douglas Ave., Springfield; Vice President, A. W. Houston, Gibson City; Secretary, George J. Hilst, Green Valley; Treasurer, S. G. Smith, Anchor.
     There are a number of clubs which belong to the State Association, among them the following: The Pekin Horseshoe Club, Pekin, Ill.; The Gibson City Horseshoe Club, Gibson City, Ill. ; The Anchor Horseshoe Club, Anchor, Ill. ; The Springfield Horseshoe Club Springfield, Ill.: The Toluca Horseshoe Club, Toluca, Ill. ; The Canton Horseshoe Club, Canton, Ill.
     There are also a large number of individual members living in places throughout the state where no local club has been organized, that belong to the State Association by paying individual dues.
     Because of the attraction that a State Horseshoe Pitching Tournament is, numerous fairs in Illinois have been competing with each other in offering prizes and other considerations for the privilege of holding such tournaments.
     The State Association has been organized only three years, but is in a very vigorous and healthy condition. The state meets that have been held have averaged 87 entries each. The association conducts a great many local tournaments and fosters matches between clubs which gives fine entertainment to different communities and increases the number of pitchers in the game.

     In 1923-'24-'25 horseshoe pitching tournaments were held in Kentucky by different clubs, each club declaring the winner of their tournament the State