HORSESHOE PITCHING RULES Effective February 24 1927
Authorized by the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association of America in Convention
Assembled Feb. 23, 1927

The Horseshoe Courts
     Rule 1. Sec. a - Lay-out of Courts. - A court shall consist of two pitchers' boxes with stake in the center of each and shall cover a level area over all of ten (10) feet in width and fifty (50) feet in length.
     Sec. b.- When a number of courts are constructed as required in tournament Play, the stakes shall be at least ten (10) feet apart between courts and front pitching box foul lines shall preserve a straight line across the entire lay-out. Construction shall be made to permit of north-south pitching.
     Rule 2. Pitching Distance-The pitching distance shall be forty (40) feet between stakes. Ladies' pitching distance thirty (30) feet.
     Rule 3. Indoor Pitching - - When indoor courts are constructed, the height of pitching boxes should not be over six (6) inches above floor level. Ceiling height at least twelve (12) feet.
     Rule 4. Sec. a.- Pitcher's Box- Pitcher's box shall be six (6) feet square, with stake in the exact center.
     Sec. b.- The pitcher's box shall be filled to a depth of six (6) inches with potter's clay or substitute of like nature and kept in a moist and putty-like condition in the stake area. (When boxes are hard surface, as related in Section C, the opening about the stake shall be filled with clay).
     Sec. c.- When the pitcher's box is hard surface, an opening not less than thirty-one (31) inches in width, and forty-three (43) inches in length must be left about the stake as a clay area.
     Sec. d. -Foul lines surrounding the pitcher's box shall be clearly defined and the frame at the front must extend approximately one (1) inch above the surface.
     Sec. e. -Foul lines shall be determined by inside measurements to the near side of the box frame from the stake.

Horseshoe Equipment
     Rule 5. Stakes-The stakes shall be of iron or steel, one inch in diameter, and shall extend ten (10) inches above the clay surface with a two (2) inch incline toward the opposite stake.
     Rule 6. The Official Shoe.- No horseshoe shall exceed the following dimensions: seven and one half (7 1/2) inches in length; seven (7) inches in width; two and one-half (2 1/2) pounds in weight. No heel or toe calks shall project more than one and one-sixteenth inches in height over all, that is, including the body of the shoe. The opening between the heel calks shall not exceed three and one-half (3inches, inside measurement. Said opening shall not be more than one-half (1/2) inch from the extreme end of the shoe determined by measurement from a straight edge placed across th heel calks.
     By vote of the convention at St. Petersburg, Fla., Feb. 24, 1928, the following was added to Rule 6 : "No projection shall be allowed ahead of calk on inner circle of shoe."

Playing- Rules
     Rule 7. Sec. a.- Conduct of Players and Members.- No contestant, while opponent is in pitching position, shall make any remark or utter any sounds within the hearing of opponent, nor make any movement that does or might interfere with the opponent's playing. Penalty-Both shoes of the offender shall be declared foul in the inning complained of.
     Sec. b.- Any member of the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association of America who indulges in heckling or unfair rooting against any pitcher in a tournament, whether with malicious intent or otherwise, shall be expelled from the grounds and from the National Association.
     Sec c.- No contestant shall touch own or opponent's shoe or shoes until winner of point or points has been agreed upon by contestants or decision rendered by the referee. Referee shall dclare foul, shoes thrown by a contestant failing to comply with this rule, and award points to the opponent according to the position of his or her shoes.