held annually. A representative selected by the board shall be in attendance to conduct the match. No bid under one thousand dollars ($1000) will be accepted, and 25 per cent of this amount shall go to the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association of America.
     Sec. 3. in a National Tournament games won and lost shall determine the winner.
     Sec. 4. If three-cornered ties, or more, cannot be decided by the game method in first play-off, they shall be determined by the point method. The contestant having the highest number of points shall be declared the winner. If the championship is involved, however, play must continue among those tied until a champion is declared by games won.
     Sec. 5. Special Feature Games may be arranged each day, they having no bearing upon the schedule or championship, and while they are being conducted, the Tournament Committee shall have the privilege of clearing the courts of other contestants, but players may continue with any game already started.
     Sec. 6. Profane or abusive language will not be permitted upon the tournament grounds by players or members.
     Sec.7. Roberts Rules of Order, Revised, and reading as follows, shall govern the order of conducting meetings:
1. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting (and approval of same).
2. Reports of officers and boards and standing committees.
3. Reports of special (select) committees.
4. Special orders.
5. Unfinished business and general orders.
6. New business.