to fill the unexpired term; said appointment to be approved by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee within thirty (30) days, or another appointment made by the majority of the said committee.
     Sec. 9. All committees and appointments made by the President shall serve during his term of office unless dismissed for neglect of duty or conduct Unbecoming a member.
     Sec. 10. The Constitution, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations covering equipment may be amended or repealed at any session of the assembly of delegates by a two-thirds vote of those present.
     Sec. 11. The following committees shall be appointed by the President from the members in Convention:
     Constitution and By-Laws and Rules; Membership; Auditing and Finance; Grievance; Credentials; Publicity; Resolutions; or any other committee he deems advisable for the good of the Association. It is not necessary that members of special committees be actually in convention.
Article III.
     Section 1. The President shall be Chief Executive of this Association, and preside at all its meetings when able. He shall sign warrants on the Treasurer tor payment of all accounts and sign all State or Club Charters as prepared and signed by the Secretary.
     Sec. 2. The First Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in the event of death or absence or disability of said officer.
     Sec. 4. The Secretary shall be the custodian of and keep all the records, property, correspondence, books, accounts, printing materials and other documents belonging to this Association. He shall keep the complete minutes of the meetings and perform all other duties pertaining to said office. He shall preserve all past records, correspondence and other property belonging to this Association and be able to turn over to the Executive Committee any data in his possession on demand. He shall receive and pay to the Treasurer all moneys belonging to the Association and prepare and transmit the President's warrants upon the Treasurer for payment of bills and shall also endeavor to promote harmony and good will in the membership of this Association.
     Sec. 5. The Treasurer shall be the custodian of the funds of this Association and shall disburse the same on signed warrants prepared by the Secretary and signed by the President. He shall furnish a complete statement of moneys received and paid out at each convention or at any time on demand of the Executive Committee.
     Sec. 6. All bills of account or expenses against this Association amounting to over twenty dollars shall be submitted to the Board of Directors and paid when approved by four of the five directors. If not approved in this manner, amounts contested shall be brought before delegates in convention assembled and submitted to a vote.
     See 7. All committees named in this constitution and By-Laws shall be under the direction of the President and their duties shall be defined by him.
     Sec. 8. The Secretary and Treasurer or either shall be bonded, provided the Executive Committee approves, and in such amounts as funds carried from time to time warrant.
     Sec 9. All Officers shall have their books and records and any other property belonging to this Association in convention or, if unable to be there, must forward same to headquarters before the first day of the convention. They shall also turn over to successors in office all records and property of the Association that may be in their possession.
Article IV.
     Section 1. Any person (white) or group of persons may become a member or members in The National Horseshoe Pitchers Association of America on the payment of annual dues as follows:
 Class 1. Manufacturers $50.00
Class 2. State Assciations $25.00
(Manufacturers or State Associations subscribing to membership after July 1st will be entitled to half rate covering the balance of the year.)
Class 3. Class A Clubs- 50 members or more $10.00
Class 4. Class B Clubs- Under 50 members $ 5.00
Class 5 State Fair Associations $ 5.00
Class 6. Expositions $ 5.00
Class 7. County Fair Associations $ 2.50
Class 8. Individual $ 1.00