Southern California has made horseshoe pitching one of its favorite sports ever since it has been a popular tourist resort. For years the game was played with no uniform rules.
     A Tourist Club was organized in 1900 at Long Beach, with a membership of some 600, composed of members from 25 states and Canada. Mr. W. S. Montgomery, an attorney, was the leader. The interest in horseshoe pitching was kept alive by clubs in some 15 or 20 different places among which were Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Redlands, Long Beach, Glendale Pasadena, Pomona, etc. Very hotly contested games were played for a number of years between Long Beach, Pomona, Pasadena and Redlands. From these games there was developed a number of very good pitchers.
     The best score on record at that time was made by A. Bruce an 18-year- old boy of Glendale, and Denny Wilkinson of Long Beach, who each pitched 50 ringers in a series of five 21-point games. No record was kept of the number of shoes pitched.
     Through the efforts of Geo. E. Krinbill, secretary of the Long Beach Tourist Club, the Golden State Association of Horseshoe Pittchers was organized on June 12, 1920, with W. A. Hoyt, Long Beach, president; Geo. E. Krinbill Long Beach, secretary; H. L. Smith, Pasadena, assistant secretary, and T. Holman, of Klendale, treasurer. Until this organization, the game had never been played by standard rules.
     The game has continued to become more popular until at present there are a large number of clubs in the state, some of the more prominent of which are located at the following places: Covina, J. R. Beecker secretary, 592 N. 5th St.; Santa Monica, C. H. Prior Secy., 1055 21st St. : Long Beach, Geo. H. Cleaver, 2409 E. 5th St.; Los Angeles, South Park, Geo. Bauder, Secy., 51st and Towne Ave.; Los Angeles, Exposition Park, H. C. Cammert, 602 W. 40th Place; Glendale, C. F. Godfrey, Secy., 325 N. Orange St.; Pomona, Thos. Awrey, Secy., 520 E. 3rd St.; Whittier E. V. Ware, Secy., Route 1; Riverside, F. W. Knox, Secy.. K08 Walnut St.; Huntington Park, O. Gersuld, 6317 Seville Ave.; Haynes, Standard Oil Club, F. H. Gilbert, Secy., Box 107.
     Following is the data about the eight state tournaments that have been held:
     1921- Glendale, November 25 and 26, at H. S. Athletic Field. There were 52 entries in three divisions. W. R. Bradfield, Long Beach, won the state championship.
     1922- Long Beach, Sept. 28 to 30. There were 66 entries in six events. G. J. Milligan won the championship; Bradfield and Galloway, Long Beach, were the team winners.
     1923- Santa Monica, H. S. Athletic Field; 80 entries, 9 events. Robert Nunn, Oxnard, won the championship; team winners, Porter and Anstey, of Glendale.
     1924- Pasadena Central Park, August 27 to 29. 100 entries, 9 events. Robert Nunn, Oxnard, champion; team winners, Bradfield and Galloway, Long Beach.
     1925- San Diego, Army and Navy Y. M. C. A Field, August 26 to 28. Largest number of entries yet; figures not available. Robert Nunn, Oxnard, champion; team winners, Porter and Anstey, Glendale.
     1926- Los Angeles, Goodyear Rubber Co. Park. Large entry list. Dean Brown, Riverside, champion. Team winners, Hansen and Olsen, Fresno.
     1927- Pomona. Sept. 21 to 23 Los Angeles County Fair. Large entry list, 9 events. S. L. Hiatt champion; team winners, Lyle Brown and Foster, Pomona.
     1928- Huntington Park club Grounds, Sept. 26 to 28. Large entry list; 9 events. Dean Brown, champion; team winners, Walker and Claypool, South Park Club, Los Angeles.
     Each succeeding meet has been better than the preceding one from the standpoint of horseshoe pitching. These tournaments have popularized the sport greatly by having different events. At the 1928 meet there were nine events, no person being allowed to enter more than one. Entry fee of 50 cents was charged each entrant.
     Event 1 had 12 prizes, totaling $152-$20 and a $40 French plate mirror and a championship gold medal going to the winner. 150 shoes were pitched for the elimination, the 32 men making the highest number of points competed for championship in Class A.