many persons as possible an opportunity to express their desire for the new club it must not be forgotten that the meeting must not drag and that certain things are to be accomplished as quickly as possible. Details should be worked out before hand and be ready for action at the meeting. Few persons care about business meetings of clubs. It is always well to have some entertainment or social feature in connection with the meeting.
     A "live-wire," peppy talker should act as temporary Chairman and someone with experience should be previously appointed temporary secretary. The chairman should call the gathering to order and explain the purpose of the meeting and make following recommendations:
1. That the Club affiliate with the National Horseshoe Pitchers' Association of America.
2. That the Club hold an informal tournament at an early date.
3. That the Club meet regularly-once a week, bi-weekly, or monthly.
4. That the Club have a drive for members.
5. That the Club hold one big Annual Championship Meet for Club titles and records.

The remaining Order of Business should be as follows:
1. Short, snappy talk's by boosters on such subjects:
a. Why we should have a Horseshoe Club.
b. What a Horseshoe Club can do.
c. What the Horseshoe Club can mean to the Community.

2. Open Discussion.
3. Advantages to be secured in affiliating with the National Horseshoe Pitchers' Association of America.
4. Miscellaneous Matters:
a. Ret date for the Annual Meeting at the beginning of the Horseshoe season, either April or May.
b. Hold meetings regularly:
During season-either weekly or bi-weekly.
After season-either monthly or bi-monthly.
c. Membership dues-10 or 25 cents a month to $1.00 a year.
d. Decide on jurisdiction of Club.
e. Decide on what agencies will be asked to help foster the Club.
f. Decide on a Club Program for the year.

5. Reading and accepting of Constitution.
6. Election of Officers.
7. Election of following Committee Chairmen:
a. Horseshoe Courts.
b. Horseshoe Contests.
c. Club Program.
d. Membership.
e. Prizes.
f. Pitching Records.
g. Publicity.
     Too many Horseshoe Clubs fail to be interesting because of a lack of a program. The very existence and development of a club depends upon its program. This fact cannot be emphasized too strongly. During the year it is important that each member has been asked to do something for the Club. Do not overwork the workers of the club or let a few try to do all the work. The extent of a club's success depends upon the percentage of workers it has. Working for a club develops teamwork and the feeling of pride and ownership in the club. The larger the number of workers the less hardships on a few and a bigger program for the club.
     The following is merely a suggestion for a Club Program. It may be revised and added to, to suit local conditions.