(By B. G. Leighton, Past President National Horseshoe Pitchers Association Copyright, 1926. Reprinted by special permission of Diamond Calk Horseshoe Co., Duluth, Minn., owners of copyright.)
General suggestions only can be given on how to organize a Horseshoe Club. No two clubs are ever organized or function the
same. What may apply in one place may not apply in another. Consequently, try to follow only those suggestions herein given as seem best suited to your conditions.
Inasmuch as it is generally conceded that "two heads are better than one is is a wise plan to have two or three interested leaders get together and make preliminary arrangements for organizing self-appointed or delegated Committee
1. Select a temporary chairman and secretary for the first or Organization Meeting of the Club.
2. Decide on a place of meeting.
3. Decide on how courts are to be secured:
a. On donated or rented land constructed by members of club.
b. Furnished by City Council or Park Board on city property, city park.
c. Furnished by County Fair Officials, School Officials, etc.
d. Furnished by private organizations, clubs or lodges.

4. Decide on what agencies should be asked to help foster the Club and its activities as:
a. Village, Township, City, County or Park Officials.
b. State Fair, County Fair, Farm Bureau, or Commercial Club Secretaries.
c. Lodges, Schools, Churches, Community Clubs.
d. Newspapers or magazines.
e. Recreation Departments or Community Service Secretaries,
f. Business Concerns.

5. Organize a short constitution to be acted on at the first meeting. (See model constitution.)
6. Determine on a list of "live-wires" the committee should see to be present at the meeting.
7. Determine whom the club is for, and territory it should have Jurisdiction over as: Farming District, Township, Village, Town, City, County Parish, School District. Community, Lodge Membership, Commercial Club Membership, Athletic Club Membership, Settlement House District, Municipal Recreation Department, etc.
8. Discuss who would be best fitted for officers of the Club,
9. Decide on what publicity is to be given the first meeting,
a. Notice in newspaper.
b. Announcements at meetings of various local organizations,
c. A letter to those likely to be interested.
d. Post notices or posters in windows of prominent stores, the post office, depot, etc.
e. Circulate hand bills.
f. Telephone.
g. "Tell a friend to tell a friend."

10. Organize an Order of Business for the first meeting.
11. Organize a tentative program for the club for its first month or season.
12. Between the time of the Preliminary Meeting and the Organization Meeting keep arousing interest in the new Horseshoe Club at every opportunity.
The Organization Meeting should be held at a convenient place, called to order promptly at time scheduled, should be as enthusiastic as possible and above all, not too long. While it is well to give as