ere tied at 32 points each, while Mossman had 38 ringers, 12 doubles and Duryee 37 ringers, 12 doubles. In the thirtieth inning each threw one ringer and Mossman gained one point making the score 33 to 32 in Mossman's favor. Then began the most sensational horseshoe pitching ever seen, and probably none of those who witnessed it will ever see this record broken.
     In the thirty-first inning Mossman led off with a double, which was promptly covered with a double by Duryee who came back with another double which was covered by a double by Mossman. This pitching of doubles by each player continued for eight consecutive innings, each player pitching 16 shoes or a total of 32 shoes with neither scoring a point, while several thousand horseshoe tans held their breath as each shoe was pitched, and then broke into loud cheering each time as each contestant covered his opponent's double with two ringers for eight consecutive times.
     In the thirty-ninth inning Mossman missed the peg with both shoes, but Duryee made one ringer and scored 4 points, making the game 36 to 33 in favor of Duryee. He continued to lead until the forty-eighth inning when Mossman scored 3 points, making the score 43 to 41 in favor of Mossman. Duryee never made another point after the forty-fifth inning although he pitched 13 ringers, 5 doubles in the last nine innings, but Mossman made a whirlwind finish by pitching 9 straight doubles in the last nine innings, winning the hardest fought game ever pitched.
     The crowd almost went wild with excitement as the score was announced that the game had surpassed all previous records in all points except the percentage of ringers and this percentage had never been equalled in a game of this length. In the last forty innings each player pitched 62 ringers, although Mossman made 25 doubles to 23 for his opponent.
     This game breaks all records m the number of shoes pitched in a game, 108: in the number. of ringers made by each player, 8U by Mossman, 75 by Duryee in which he beat Mossman's record at Minneapolis; in the greatest number of ringers in one 50 point game by both players, 155; in the highest percentage of ringers by Mossman, ever made in any 50 point game of this length, .741; m the greatest number of double ringers by both players, 56 doubles; m the greatest number of consecutive times for double ringers for both, 8 consecutive double ringers by each player, besides another run of nine consecutive double ringers by which Mossman finished the game. In finishing the game Mossman pitched 41 ringers, 18 double ringers in the last twenty-four innings or .813 per cent.
     Where, when or by whom will this greatest game ever recorded be equaled or beaten?