nament to be held at Lakeside by the Lakeside Association in August, 1929. There will be a good prize list. A great many industrial plants in this state have constructed fine horseshoe pitching courts for their employees.
     OKLAHOMA-Ralph Spencer, who has been a very rigorous contender for championship honors in a number of National Tournaments, lives at Picher in this state. He also at one time was treasurer of the National Association. There is no state organization of horseshoe pitchers and few clubs in the state.
     RHODE ISLAND-There are groups of pitchers in Edgewood, Providence. Washington, West Warwick and other places. A few tournaments have been held for local and state championships.
     SOUTH DAKOTA-There is quite a vigorous bunch of pitchers in Rapid City and vicinity who have formed the Black Hills Horseshoe League with L. S. Hamon, Rapid City, as its secretary and treasurer. There are also groups of players at Beresford, Carthage, Worthing and other places.
     UTAH-The Salt Lake County Horseshoe Pitchers Association has been organized with the following officers: President, George Ecenroad, 548 East 4th St., South; Vice President, R. H. Bradford, 447 South 12th East St.; Secretary, J. D. Skeen, 460 So. 12th East St. Executive Secretary, Oscar Hunsaker, 852 So. 7th East St.; Treasurer, John Herling, 360 East 48th South St. All addresses in Salt Lake City. The moving spirit in the association is the president, Mr. Ecenroad, who has also been trying to popularize the game in different parts of the state. There are also groups of players n Midvale, Ogden and other places.
     VERMONT-There is quite a group of players in Brattlebore and the surrounding country. Brownsville, Chester, Perkinsville, Townshend, West Windsor, Windsor and other places have many horseshoe pitching fans. The game has been considerably popularized in this state by the tournaments and exhibition games which have been held and played by Mr. H. L. Perkins and his daughter, Miss Doris Perkins, of Springfield, Mass.
     VIRGINIA-The Shenandoah Valley Fair Association held a tournament at their fair this year under the sanction of the National Association. The game is not played very much in this state but has quite a good many devotees who are doing what they can to popularize it.
     WEST VIRGINIA-The Belle Isle Horseshoe Club is organized at Wheeling. There are groups of players in Bethany, Clarksburg, Huntington, Parkersburg, and some other places.
     WYOMING-The Cheyenne Athletic club of that city is trying to popularize the game and has a good many horseshoe fans. The secretary-treasurer of the club is C. F. Franson, 819 East 16th St., Cheyenne.

     ALBERTA-There are horseshoe fans and some clubs in the following places: Calgary, Lomond, Milo, Ponoka, Turin, Yetwood and some other villages. There is a horseshoe club at Travers, of which James Salows is secretary-treasurer. The National Association issued a sanction to the Edmonton Exhibition Association, Ltd., to hold a Provincial Horseshoe Pitching Tournament July 16 to 21, 1928.
     BRITISH COLUMBIA-The Greater Vancouver Horseshoe Pitchers Club was chartered last July by the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association. The president of this club is Arthur H. Jones, 5306 Clarendon St., South Vancouver. Fred S. Davies, 1813 E. 33rd Ave., Vancouver, is one of the live wire, always up and at it fans in the Vancouver section and is doing much to popularize the game in southwest British Columbia]
     ONTARIO-There are a large number of pitchers in and around Sarnia. W. Struthers and Walter Kane who live at this place are Team Champions of Canada. There has been a movement started