Democrat had a double page spread in its magazine section on the activities of the Municipal League. There ware a number of columns of description and it was illustrated profusely with pictures of players and teams printed in colors.
     MONTANA-In Great Falls there is a club of horseshoe pitchers and some players around Butte, Helena and other cities and villages in the state. Joe Dubie, 206 N. Clark St., Butte is one of the best pitchers in the western part of the state.
     NEBRASKA-The Greater Omaha Horseshoe Tossers Association is the only organized club in this state as far as the writer knows. They are a very active and progressive organization holding a large frequent meets and tournaments and having quite a large membership. There are a few pitchers in other cities and towns in different parts of the state.
     NEW JERSEY-There have been two amateur state tournaments held in the state by the publishers of the American Agriculturist, New York City, under the same plan as their tournaments are held at the New York State Fair. The first at the State Farmer's Picnic at Bridgeton in 1926 and the second at High Point Park in the summer of 1927. Harry Born, of Atlantic City, who has been a winter visitor in St. Petersburg, Fla., has represented his state in a number of National Tournaments. The Trenton State Fair is considering holding a State Tournament in 1929.
     Rev. C. W. Baldwin, 21 North Hanover Ave., Margate, who is the pastor of the Community church in that city, with the cooperation of the Daily Atlantic Press-Union is organizing the Margate Horseshoe Pitchers Association and trying to make horseshoe pitching one of the outstanding recreational sports of that section of the state. Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate, Lougfort, Ocean City, Pleasantville, Egg Harbor, Hammonton, Somers Point, Brigantine and other towns are being asked to organize clubs and enter a team in the horseshoe pitching league which is to be formed. Games will be alternated between these places. Any lodge, civic organization, men's club, church, American Legion, commerce club, etc., is invited to enter a team in the league. The heading of the invitation to persons interested in horseshoe pitching to attend the organization meeting read, "A Meeting is Called to Decide How the 'Little Iron Devil' May be Overcome in Tossing the Horseshoe Irons."
     OHIO-The National Horseshoe Pitchers Association of America is a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Ohio with its main office at London, where R. B. Howard, Second Vice President of the Corporation, publishes The Horseshoe World which is its official organ. The horseshoe game was revived in this state in 1915 when the Scripps-McRae League of Newspapers made an organized effort by holding tournaments in nearly every county of the state boosted by their newspapers. On Jan. 3, 1915, four men who had won the right in local tournaments met at Cleveland to play for the state on electric lighted courts. These men were: Ed Hardwick, Champion of Cincinnati; Bert Crow, Champion of Cleveland; George McDonald, Champion of Toledo, and Roy Cox, Champion of Columbus. Governor Willis of the state, and Mayor Karb, of Columbus, pitched the opening game, the Governor losing 21 to 7. The championship games were played the best out of four games and the loser was out. Charles Roy Cox won the State's Championship from Bert Crow by a score of 21 to 15. When this newspaper league started these tournaments there were no known rules of the game, so rules were decided upon, the pitching distance being set at 46 1/2 feet. This tournament gave the game a great boost throughout the state and many local clubs were organized. In 1916 another state tournament was held at the state fair and Frank Eadins, of Gallipolis, won the championship. Ohio shares with Iowa the honor of being the only two states from which World's Champions have come. At present there is no State Association, although there are many clubs in Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Dayton, East Palestine, Fremont, Galion. Geneva, Glenmore, Leesburg, Millersburg. Rayland, Springfield, Tiffin, Urbana, Wapakoneta, Zanesville and other cities and villages. The National Association has sanctioned a State Championship Tour-