IN ISSUING this second edition of "Horseshoe Pitching-How to Play the Game" quite a complete summary of the activities of associations, clubs and enthusiastic promotors of the sport throughout the United States and Canada has been added. This feature of the book, the writer hopes will become more and more prominent in future editions as information of such activities is furnished him by the different parties interested.
     He has taken great pains in collecting accurate data and records and publishes these in the hope that this book will get into the bauds of persons in the different parts of the country who will send him further information, clippings from newspapers and other interesting details about the horseshoe history and records that can be used in a future edition, making it more complete.
     In 1916, a "Horseshoe Guide," containing playing rules, report of convention and annual tournament was published by the Grand League of American Horseshoe Pitchers Association with headquarters in Kansas City, Kans.
     Two booklets were published by the National League of Horseshoe and Quoit Pitchers in 1919 and 1921. These contained the constitution, by-laws and rules or the organization, together with records of National Tournaments which they held, pictures of some of the officers and leading players and other data.
     In 1920 an Official Horseshoe Pitching Guide, written and compiled by Art Headlough, secretary of the Buckeye Horseshoe Pitching Association of Ohio with headquarters at Akron, was published and was by far the most complete book of information and records of the game of which the writer has any knowledge.
     All of these books are now out of print and it was very difficult to find any copies of them. Acknowledgement is hereby made of the assistance that these books have been in compiling early information and old records given herein. If any reader knows of any other books on horseshoe pitching, he will confer a great favor on the undersigned by writing him about them.
     Among the many that assisted in furnishing information, photographs, half-tone cuts of Champions made at the time Championship honors were won, together with other interesting matter, the writer wishes to especially thank the following for their helpfulness: Mr. John Lodwick, Publicity Director of the St. Petersburg, Florida, Chamber of Commerce; Mrs. Mayme Francisco, St. Petersburg, Florida; Mr. Otto Swanstown, President Diamond Calk Horseshoe Co., Duluth, Minna.; Mr. Fred Brust, of the Ohio Horseshoe Co., Columbus, Ohio; R. B. Howard, Editor of the Horseshoe World, London, Ohio; Frank Jackson, former World's Champion, Lamoni, Iowa; A. B. Argenbright, Kansas City, Mo., and Dr. F. M. Robinson, St. Petersburg, Florida.
     It is planned to publish such a book as this at least once each year in order to keep the records and information about the game up-to-date.
     The National Horseshoe Pitchers' Association of America is a non-profit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Ohio with headquarters at London, Ohio. It is formed to promote horseshoe pitching as a sport under uniform rules; to organize horseshoe pitching clubs and state horseshoe pitchers' associations; to conduct national, state and local horseshoe pitching tournaments and award championship honors to the winners.
     This association is the only organized ruling body of the sport which has become so popular in nearly every city, village and ham-