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Article IV.

     Section 1. Any person or group of persons may become a member or members in the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association of America on the payment of a 25c fee for a fiscal year from June, 1 to June 1, 15c of this to be paid to the National Association and 10c to be retained by the State Association or the representative of each state elected by the State Association or temporarily appointed by the National Secretary, to whom will be issued the state charter and through whom will be issued all membership cards. No membership shall be issued in any state except through such a state represen-tative by the National Secretary, at no charge to the State Association, upon proper proof that such state association or representative will meet the requirements of the National Association and make an earnest effort to secure memberships.
     All sanctions for tournaments to be held in any state shall be issued by the state association or state representative who shall require that National Rules be followed, and that each participant is a member of the National Horseshoe Pitcher's Association. A copy of the sanction shall be forwarded to the National Secretary for recording.
     All interstate sanctions shall be issued through the National Secretary, who shall notify the state associations or state representatives in each state included in such territory assigned to an inter-state tournament.
     Championship certificates shall be issued through the National Secretary upon certification that National rules were followed, legal shoes used and that participants in the tourney were members of the National Association.
     Sec. 2. The Constitution, By-Laws and Rules, as adopted shall be published by this Association in booklet form. this booklet also to contain statistics covering tournaments and other information of interest and necessary to those conducting tournaments.
     Sec. 3. No National Tournament games shall be played in rain or on the Sabbath Day.
     Sec. 5. No person shall be eligible to take part in a National Tournament until the entry and guarantee fees have been paid or deposited. The entry fee shall be not less than five ($5) dollars covering male entries, and two ($2) dollars for female entries, the forfeit guarantee shall not be less than five ($5) dollars for each entry. The amount deposited as a forfeit guarantee shall be returned the depositor as his or her schedule is completed. Failure to complete will be cause for forfeiture of the amount.
Article V.

     Section 1. State Associations shall be organized under the National Body and known as (Name of State) Division of the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association of America.
     Sec. 2. Chartered State Associations are granted authority to organize and develop the advancement of the horseshoe game in their territory to permit and foster the affiliating with their organization all clubs, leagues or associations within their State, thus becoming by their affiliation with the State Organization a part of the National Body and entitled to representation in accordance with provisions of Article II, Section 2.
     Sec. 3. State Associations and their affiliated members must comply with this Constitution, its By-Laws and Rules.
     Sec. 4. The officials of organizations affiliated with the National Body shall be governed the same as National Officers and perform their duties in accordance with this Constitution and By-Laws.

Article VI.

     Section 1. Not less than two National Tournaments and Conventions shall be held each year one in the southern section where warmth permits in the winter season, and one in the northern section in its summer season. The winter season tournaments are to be held between January 1st and March 15th of each year. The exact dates of authorized National Tournaments shall be furnished the Secretary by those awarded the privilege of holding the tournament at least sixty (60) days prior to the date of starting.