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age of 13, but he never seemed to improve much and never beat Jackson again. Several years later he tried to copy Putt's horseshoe and motorcycle exhibitions, but he flopped. He tried amateur boxing and in his only fight he was knocked out in the first round. He tried Putt's motorcycle stunts on the highways and there he had similar accidents to those Putt had on race tracks.
     After Putt won the world's horseshoe title he traveled from coast to coast staging horseshoe exhibitions, sometimes on a guaranteed contract, but mostly by taking up collections. In 1927 he pitched for a semi-pro baseball team in New York, and in 1928 he failed in a try-out with the Boston Braves. In 1927 he invented a hook horseshoe and also a horseshoe uniform. In 1929 he started to stage motorcycle exhibitions. By 1930 he was shooting revolvers by aiming through mirrors, doing high kicking stunts and numerous other things. In 1929 he nearly served time in the Ohio Penitentiary for killing a pedestrian while driving 40 miles an hour in a town, and with defective brakes, and then he drove the car the remainder of the year without having the brakes repaired. He starred in motion pictures in Hollywood in the early thirties, fought main events on Des Moines boxing cards in 1930, and went around the world putting on exhibitions in Japan, Australia and other countries.
     Putt has been nearly killed on his motorcycle several times, and he is reported to have crippled his wife for life when he failed to clear her in a stunt motorcycle leap in California. He is said to have taken up an airplane in Australia without instruction, and to have crashed. He claimed the title of "World's Champion All-around Athlete" in 1930. (See Omaha World-Herald April 6, 1930). An Iowa college professor said Putt was a genius, and if he had studied chemistry or law he would have been as remarkable in that as he was in horseshoes. Another professor said he was insane. One newspaper reporter wrote an article about Putt's marvelous personality. Another reporter said Putt had a very poor personality.
     This is just an outline about Putt, but this outline is worth further investigation as to whether Mossman must not certainly be rated Iowa's No. 1 athlete of all time.
     In August of 1939 Mossman was reported to be a member of an exploring expedition in Africa, but this is not presented as fact as it has not as yet been confirmed.
     For a short time after winning at Minneapolis, Mossman took Frank Jackson with him for exhibitions, and beat his rival most of the time but the two couldn't get along and soon parted company.
           The 1925 National meet in Florida, and the state tourney at