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     C. C. Davis, a very famous pitcher, then from Ohio, saw Lundin defeat Jackson for the state title, and said something to this effect, "We'll take him in the National." But Davis became a Lundin victim, 50-12.
     By the way, I rank Lundin's state championship 1922 victory over Jackson as one of the three outstanding games in Iowa history for suspense and surprise. When the old-timers get together now it is the game they like most to talk about.
     The people in New London were so proud of Lundin that they erected a huge sign beside the road leading into the town. It read, "This town is the home of Frank Lundin, World's Champion Horseshoe Pitcher."

Frank Lundin

     In the 1922 National Meet Lundin did lose one game to Lyle Brown, then 17 years old, and from Des Moines, 50-48. The Lundin boosters claim that Lundin threw the game in order to