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Rose, was first tried. Bobby Hitt, 14-year-old "boy wonder" of Plymouth, won the meet, with Lee Rose coming second.
     Iron River held the 1937 meet which was again won by Bobby Hitt, with Carl Lundgren, of Detroit, second. In 1938, at Plymouth, was held the most successful of Michigan meets. Bobby Hitt again defended his title with Joe Lasko, now of Flint, taking second. Iron River again staged the meet in 1939, and Joe Lasko took the title away from Bobby Hitt, who was second.
     The 1940 meet is scheduled for Flint. Several county fairs in the state stage tournaments spasmodically, and several cities, especially Flint, Grand Rapids and Detroit, will be strongly organized in 1940.
     Horseshoe pitching has just begun to take a hold in Vermont, and, while they have not yet formed a regular state association, they have a live-wire club at Bennington which promises to blossom forth into a full-fledged state association.
     The first official state tournament was held in 1930, and was won by Leon Kerry, of Randolf. Mr. Kerry was recognized as state champion until 1939, when the Bennington Club held a sanctioned state meet. This meet was won by Maynard Brown of 31 Belmont Ave., Brattleboro. Mr. Brown went undefeated in nine games, averaging .559, while Fred Butler of 307 North St., Bennington, was second, losing only one game, and averaging .552. Mr. Butler is the National Representative in Vermont.

     The officers of the Rhode Island Division of the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association are as follows:
     President, Joseph A. LaClair, 20 Metcalf Ave., North Providence.
     Secretary, Albert Bourgeois, 77 Hunnewell Ave., Providence.
     Treasurer, Samuel Pendleton, 71 Oriole Ave., Pawtucket.
     The present state champion is the 18-year-old star, Kenneth Hurst, who resides at 66 Fairmont Ave., Providence.
     Rhode Island has shown a great deal of interest in the game this past season, and is looking forward to greater things for 1940.