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     Officers of the Wolverine State Horseshoe Pitchers Association are:
     President, Ray Middleton, 619 Fox St., Flint.
     Eastern Vice President, Joe Lasko, 619 Fox St., Flint.
     Western Vice President, Jack Hoeksema, 511 Eastern Ave., Grand Rapids.
     Upper Peninsula Vice President, Kenneth Campbell, Stambaugh.
     Secretary Treasurer, Lee Rose, 5228 Shaw Ave., Detroit.
     From 1923 through 11)27, yearly state tournaments were held as follows: 1923, Battle Creek, won by Lew Wilkes, of Rattle Creek; 1924, Detroit, won by Ralph Baxter, of Hillsdale; 1925, Detroit, won by Ben Emmerson, of Battle Creek; 1926, Battle Creek, won by Frank Seals, of Cassopolis; 1927, Battle Creek, won by Ed Walls, of Detroit.
     The first chartered association formed April 15, 1928, with 11. E. Smith, of Battle Creek, President; R. H. Rizor, of Detroit, Vice President; Carl Stenzhorn, of Port Huron, Second Vice President; T. M. Howard, of Battle Creek, Secretary; and Fred O'Melay, of Hillsdale, Treasurer.
     The 1928 tournament was held at the Michigan State Fair. Ed Walls won, with Lee Rose second. In 1929 the tournament was held at Battle Creek with Joe Lasko of Mt. Pleasant the winner. In 1930, due to many circumstances, the state charter was allowed to lapse, but tournaments went on as before. Ed Walls and Lee Rose ran one-two in 1930 at Detroit; Ed Walls and James Skinner, of Athens, ran one-two, in 1931 at Detroit; Ed Walls and James McDonald, of Pontiac, ran one-two, in 1932 at Pleasant Ridge; and Lee Rose became champion in 1933 at Detroit.
     In 1932 a minority group obtained a charter and held a tournament at Battle Creek, which was won by Jack Hoeksema, of Grand Rapids, and in 1933 they held another meet at Grand Rapids which was won by Ralph Baxter.
     With the state demoralized by fighting between rival groups, nothing was done in 1934, but in 1935, Lee Rose finally convinced R. B. Howard that the Detroit group was the proper one to hold the charter, and the present Wolverine State Association was formed. Under their administration, horseshoe pitching has progressed swiftly in Michigan. The 1935 tournament was held at Dearborn, and the 68-year-old Jim Skinner won the title. In 1936 the tournament went to Marquette in the Upper Peninsula where the new system of playing a tournament, an innovation of Lee