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     Officers of the Indiana Division, National Horseshoe Pitchers' Association are:
     President, W. A. Banta, 618 Arch St., Indianapolis.
     Sec. Treas., Paul S. Van Sickle, 32 Whittier PL, Indianapolis.
     Vice Pres., Ray Peckham, 2505 Chestnut St., Ft. Wayne.
     Vice Pres., William Everett, 2228 E. Main St., Lafayette.
     Vice Pres., James Stringer, N. Home Ave., Columbus.
     Vice Pres., Charles Cowan, Veedersburg.
     Vice Pres., Noah Malott, Mishawaka.
     Jimmy Risk won the state title for the years 1920 through 1930 in the meets held at the Indiana State Fair, but the years from 1930 to 1937 were lean years for horseshoe pitching in the state.
     In 1937 the state joined the National Association, and a state meet was held at the courts of the Fall Creek Club in Indianapolis, and the winner was Arlo Harris who averaged 74 per cent. In 1938 the title went to James Cox, of Perrysville. He did not lose a game in nine starts. Ernie Recht, of Ft. Wayne, set a new state record for ringer average when he hit .755, but could only finish fourth. Ray Peckham was runner-up.
     Jimmy Risk regained the state title in 1939 in the meet at Ft. Wayne with Wayne Nelson, of Muncie, runner-up.
     Anderson is the scene of the annual A.A.U. National Junior Horseshoe Tournament.

     Maryland has never been a member of the National Association, but yearly tournaments have been held with the following winners:
     1929 Millard Peake, Bethesda
     1930 Millard Peake, Bethesda
     1931Joseph Merryman, Bladensburg
     1932Joseph Merryman, Bladensburg
     1933 Lee Fleshman, Rogers Heights
     1934 Lee Fleshman, Rogers Heights
     1935 Temple R. Jarrell, Hyattsville
     1936 Temple R. Jarrell, Hyattsville
     1937 Lee Fleshman, Rogers Heights
     1938 Lee Fleshman, Rogers Heights
     1939 Lee Fleshman, Rogers Heights