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Bluffs. L. W. Farrell, of Cheyenne, won the county championship.
     Beside the county association of Laramie County, there are two local clubs in the state; the Cheyenne Horseshoe Club which was organized in 1931 has been active every year since; the Wheatland Horseshoe Club which was organized in 1939, is a progressive and strong club.

     State officers of the Maine Association are:
     President, Frederick Robie, State House, Augusta.
     Vice President, H. VanDerwerker, 541 S. Main St., Brewer.
     Secretary-Treasurer, Raymond E. Adams, 35 Pine St., Auburn.
     The state champion in 1926 was Mr. Cummings of Norway, and in 1927 the title-holder became Milton Bush, of Auburn. Guy Sturtevant, of South Paris, won the honor in 1928 and successfully defended the title until 1932, when Ralph "Doc" Robinson, also of South Paris, won the championship at the Lewiston Fair Grounds. Robinson held the title until 1935 when the first officially sanctioned meet was staged at Portland. Harold Goodier, of South Portland, became the winner. The 1935 meet was played at Auburn, and was won by the late Leonard "Tony" Lombardi, with an average of .628.
     South Brewer held the 1937 meet which had to be played in the rain, and Robinson became the champion, averaging .603. In 1938 the tournament went to Rumford, and the title went to Goodier. The 1939 meet was held at Portland, and Merrill Barnes of Bangor came through to win the championship, averaging .606.
     The State of Maine has made remarkable strides forward in the horseshoe game, and bids fair to become one of the outstanding states in the National Association fold.

New Mexico is the most recent joiner of the National Association, having entered the fold during 1939. Horseshoes is beginning to take hold there, and fine things are expected from New Mexico in the future.
The first state tournament was held at the State Fair in Albuquerque in 1939, and the title was won by the state president, Charles Curran. The officers for New Mexico are as follows:
     President, Charles Curran, 321 Rencher, Clovis.
     Vice President, A. F. Scott, 608 S. Edith St., Albuquerque.
     Secretary, E. L. Drake, 2104 Etob St., Albuquerque.
     Treasurer, Paul Mackey, 1816 N. 4th St., Albuquerque.