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(Incorporated under the Laws of Ohio,)
As Revised September, 1939
Incorporated under the laws of Ohio as revised September 1939

"Knowing the art of horseshoe pitching affords a healthy recreation and a competitive sport suitable to all persons, young and aged, male and female, at a cost comparable to other games, and with n desire to standardize its laws authorize and conduct tournaments of National scope and encourage the promotion of leagues and associations throughout the nation, we do establish this Constitution and By-Laws for the following association hereinafter called THE NATIONAL HORSESHOE PITCTHERS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA.
Section 1. The name of this association shall be THE NATIONAL HORSESHOE PITCHERS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA.
Article II. Legislative
     Section 1. All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in an assembly of delegates, to be appointed, elected or selected by the members of this association that are duly chartered under this body and such other delegates as are provided for in Article II, Section 2.
     Sec. 2. When there is a State Association in good standing, it shall be entitled to five (5) delegates. When a State is not affiliated with the National Association, next preference in furnishing delegates will be conceded to affiliated State clubs. Class A clubs shall be entitled to two (2) delegates. Class B clubs shall be entitled to one (1) delegate. A completion of the State's allowance may be made from individual memberships. If the State's delegation cannot agree on its membership, the President of the Association shall have power to act. Five (5) votes is all that any State can have on a voting subject. Voting may be by ballot, rising vote or ayes and nays. Proxies not allowed, nor shall substitution be made for any delegate representing a State as an individual. State associations or clubs may substitute a member in good standing if, vacancy in the delegates arises. A delegate must be in person to have voting power.
     Sec. 3. The officers of this Association shall consist of a President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Third Vice President, and a Secretary-Treasurer, who shall constitute the Board of Directors and have voting power as National officials and not as State delegates. The President may add as many honorary vice presidents as he may deem advisable.
     Sec. 4. The officials, consisting of the President, First, Second and Third Vice Presidents, and Secretary-Treasurer, shall be the Executive Committee, and be in charge of the affairs of this association, and shall be empowered to transact such business in the interest of the name and the Association as deemed advisable, and not contrary to the constitution and By-Laws and Rules.
     Sec. 5. The officials shall be elected at the first convention after the first day of January, 1925, for a term of two (2) years and every two (2) years thereafter. They shall take office immediately at the close of the meeting when elected. The officers may call a meeting in convention at any time it is deemed advisable.
     By unanimous vote of the Convention at Duluth, Minn., August 16, 1927, the first sentence of Section 6, Article II, was changed to read as follows:
The officials shall be elected at the first convention after the first day of January 1929, to hold office until the next convention and then for a term of one and one-half years.