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Lane came back as champion in 1937. The championship for the past two years has gone to Crofut, who set a record by averaging 62 per cent in the 1938 meet at Litchfield.
     Connecticut has made great strides in organizing regular team leagues. Starting in 1935 by entering two teams in the Tri-County League, an organization which included part of New York, they continued to grow, and entered teams in the Hudson Valley League in 1938. The year of 1939 found Connecticut forming their present fine state league, and found them also staging the New England Tournament at Hartford.
     Connecticut expects a banner year in 1940. They will continue their state league, and will also have entries in the National League, meanwhile increasing their membership to greater heights.
     State Secretary is Mr. L. D. Lane, of 715 Hope St., Springdale.

     The present state association of South Dakota was organized in 1937, having been affiliated with the National Association since that time. The President is Lee Washburn, of 402 Sawyer St., Lead, and the Secretary Treasurer is L. O. Rigney, of Deadwood, Box. 436.
     George Paulson, of Rapid City, won the state tournament in 1937, and Leigh Dunker of Warner took the title in the last two years.
     The South Dakota Association has been growing steadily since its formation and boasts that it will soon outstrip other more thickly-populated states in the matter of membership.

     Horseshoe pitching started in Utah in 1925, and the game flourished until the zenith was reached in 1932. From then until a couple of years ago the game waned, but now amateur pitching has taken a hold, and it is estimated that besides the professionals, there are 3,000 amateur pitchers in the state. This is altogether a healthy state of affairs, for these players will eventually join the National Association, and we may find Utah our leading state in a few years.
     The Utah Association is a member of the National Association, and is working hard to promote the game.
     There is a movement on foot to organize the students, both men and women, at the University of Utah in 1940.
     E. W. Wahlin, of Magna, is president, and C. M. Wilson, of Salt Lake City is secretary treasurer.