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     Many people have possibly heard of or read about the National Association forming a National Team League to begin operation in 1940 for the first time. Many have sent letters to the National Secretary concerning this league. Some have been crit-ical, but more have been in praise of such a laudable effort. All letters, however, invariably ask for further information concerning the different rules. In this article we shall attempt to take each rule and explain the whys and wherefores of each.
     I believe rules 1 and 2 need no explanation, but Rule 3 might he explained to some extent. In filing a notice of prospective entry, the sender does not obligate himself in any way to enter a team. This is just to aid some source which would like to enter a team, and does not know for certain whether or not they will be able to do so. This also gives the National Secretary a line on how many teams will be lined up for the coming season, and he will be able to draw up team contracts in advance.
     The team contact will be signed by each person connected with the team either in the role of a player or in the capacity of manager, coach, trainer, or some such office.
     Rule 4 deals with the drawing up of the schedule for the season. The National Secretary will draw up a schedule for each team in each division. As nearly as it is possible to do so, he will have each team play one league match every two weeks, one game at home, and the next game on the road. This allows each team a month between road games, and is not too much traveling for them since teams who have been playing matches for years now have frequently made journeys more often than this.
     There is no way to tell beforehand just how many divisions will be formed, for it will depend entirely upon the number of entries, and their geographical locations. All matches will be scheduled for Sundays, but if two teams wish to arrange between then, to play the match upon some other date, this will be perfectly agreeable to the National Association.
     Each team will be furnished with a copy of every team's complete roster so that the strength and personnel of each prospective opponent will be known, and no team can substitute a "ringer" upon the other team.
     It is the general plan to bring the divisional winners together to decide a world team championship if at all possible. This plan will depend a great deal upon how far apart the winners are located, and circumstances attending each team's situation.
     In determining the number of men per side, the number chosen was seven. An odd number of men will automatically