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every inning. This must be done, of course, while your opponent is pitching his shoes.
     In delivering your shoes always plant half your foot over the foul line. This saves considerable distance, and makes ringers of those shoes which would ordinarily be a couple of inches short. Then, too, this has a psychological effect on your opponent, as he will watch your feet and debate mentally whether or not he should call attention to your fouling, and this tends to reduce his concentration on pitching.
     Before playing a game with a tough opponent who may beat you, tell everyone nearby how hard you had to work that day and how tired you are, or how you have been ill all day, or how sore your fingers are or something along that line so that if your opponent wins the game, it is what was to be expected considering your wretched condition, while if you win, then the spectators can see what a courageous fellow you really are.
     By doing all these things, and other things along this same line, you will soon become a great personality, well liked and popular, and you will be doing something to add to the dignity of the game.

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