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R. Wilson, Washington, D. C8155284751018.5005
R. H. Rizor, Detroit, Mich.6177266231308.5005
Jos. Clayton, Morris, Ill518464464752.6175
Alfred Terry, Morris, Ill419427375718.5345
Carey Davis, Moline, Ill320418421756.5645
Dale Terry, Morris, Ill320359351702.5005
Alton Wood, Chicago, Ill.221297327654.500 5
Lloyd Woodard, Columbus, Kan221403416832.5005
John Garvey, Boone, Ia.0233243128.3435

     Ted Allen successfully defended his Mid-West title in the tournament at Des Moines in 1936. In the 16-man round-robin, Allen and Casey "Jones" tied for first with 13 wins and two defeats each. Allen averaged .730, and Jones hit .740. In the playoff, Allen won two straight games, averaging .800. Sam Somerholder of Guide Rock, Neb., was third, and Alvin Gandy, of Topeka, Kan., and Ellis Griggs, of Plainville, Ill., tied for fourth.
     Fernando Isais walked away from the field in the Mid-West meet at Des Moines in 1937. The great Mexican did not lose a game, and hung up a 15-game average of .835, the highest ever hurled in a tournament of national scope. Ted Allen finished second with 13 wins and two losses, averaging .824. Guy Zimmermann was third with .790; "Casey" Jones took fourth with .746; John Sebeck, of Canton, Ohio, came in fifth with .741; Ellis Griggs took sixth with .740; Robert Bales was seventh with .706; Gaylord Peterson was eighth with .753; Sam Somerholder came in ninth with .743 and others to finish above the seventy mark were Alvin Gandy with .717 and John Paxton with .726. The sixteen men in the finals hung up a grand average of .726.
     The 1938 Mid-West Tournament at Des Moines was the high spot of the year. The pace that horseshoe pitching had reached can be discerned by a few of the games played in the preliminaries. Casey Jones defeated Ellis Griggs with 107 ringers in 116 shoes; Eddie Packham won a game from Garland Goble which lasted two hours and fifteen minutes; James O'Shea shot 102 ringers in 116 shoes against Dean Brown; and Ted Allen beat Jones with 111 ringers in 130 shoes. Ted Allen won 32 consecutive games in the preliminaries, and then breezed through the finals with 15 more straight victories. In the finals he hung up an average of .846 to set a world record. Ellis Griggs came in second with 12 wins and three losses, averaging .757. The next six in order were: Alvin Gandy .770, Fernando Isais .781, Dean Brown .740, Casey Jones .823, Eddie Packham .770, and James O'Shea .775.
     The year of 1939 brought another Mid - West Tournament to