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Ted Allen, Alhambra, Cal.212 114412221618.755$290
H. Elmerson, Milwaukee, Wis.194104312561740.721240
G. Zimmerman, Sac City, Ia.185108512131654.733200
C. C. Davis, Kansas City, Mo185 11031198 1626.736150
F. Jackson, Blue Mound, Kan176 11111285 1762.729100
Chas. Jones, Waukesha, Wis.176 11251244 1712.72675
Jas. Risk, Montpelier, Ind.158111512251720.71250
Jos. Bennett, Moline, Ill149 94711141612.69145
W. O. Maxwell, Hicksville, O14997310591524 .69340
Ellis Griggs, Plaineville, Ill1310103812321728 .71235
A. Dahlene, Lawrence, Kan121192011871482.66530
L. F. Gray, Long Beach, Cal121189612051734.69420
Jas. O'Shea, Brocton, Mass1211136510031492.67215
Earl Bomke, New Berlin, Ill10139299321470.63410
Howard Collier, Cuba, Ill10138799911490.66510
Leo Lattore, Dearborn, Mich.91494510681646.64510
O. Bozich, Kansas City, Mo.81589210111580.63910
Leo Rollick, Chicago, Ill8156687941231.64510
H. Sheets, Waukesha, Wis.7167477931414.56010
A. Swinehamer, Aurora, Ill7166759101376.65910
R. Addington, Dunkirk, N. Y.51878410141561.64910
Glenn Rust, Milwaukee, Wis.5187908711510.57610
G. Peterson, Varna, Ill419 7178491492.56210
E. R. Baker, Macomb, Ill1234856281116.56210

     The Moline Dispatch Tournament was held at night, and the entries in this meet played very well. The averages were lower than the men could have ordinarily thrown because it was at night, and because the second half of the schedule was finished in one night in a downpour of very cold rain. The summary:

Robt. Bales, Kansas City, Kan22110238941336.633$60
R. Frye, Orkney Springs, Va.20310369051324.68350
D. Brown, Long Beach, Cal2037606931086.64040
Wm. Garvey, Boone, Ia.17610068631402.62930
Myron Ferguson, Columbus, O1767397841208.63820
Carl Hoff, Lewisburg, O16710229021436.62110
John Calao, Chicago, Ill1679978211442.5939
C. Henson, Arlington, Va.16710409241458.6068
F. Harburn, Cromartz, Ontario1587396441066.6007
Lee Rose, Detroit, Mich.1499158201418.5785.50
L. Mahoney, Red Bank, N. J.1498648151374.5715.50
T. Jarrell, Hyattsville, Md.10 136346401040.6125
L. Steinmann, St. Louis, Mo10 138387231380.5155
John Simon, London, Ont.10 135785241090.4845
John Paxton, Fairfield, Ia.8 1514257631308.5935