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was pitched at night, and the last man to qualify for this was R. H. Rizor, of Detroit, with 222 points and 65 ringers. These figures show clearly how much improvement had taken place in the game in the past two years.
     Mrs. Esther James, of Hastings, Mich. broke all women's records by hurling 266 points with 86 ringers, and practically frightened the Schultz sisters right out of the tournament, for they left after qualifying, and refused to play. Caroline forfeited her title without a struggle, and gave no good reason for doing so.
     Play in the men's round-robin was to be on the basis of six games a day, and the first day found Ted Allen and Charles "Casey" Jones, of Waukesha, Wis., tied for the lead with six wins each. C. C. Davis and Joe Bennett, of Moline, were close behind with five out of six, while with four out of six, stood Guy Zimmerman, Frank Jackson, Harold Sheets, Jimmy Risk' and Harvey Elmerson. Risk broke the record for consecutive doubles by firing 12 against Zimmerman, but Jimmy lost the game. On the second day, Al1en hung up three more wins before being stopped by old Frank Jackson, and this left Jones unbeaten, but in the very next round, Davis took Jones down. At the end of the second day, Al1en and Jones stil1 were tied for the lead with 11 wins and one loss each, while tied for third were Davis and Jackson with 10 victories and two defeats.
     The third day found Jones losing his first two games to Elmerson and Sheets, but rallying to win four in a row, the fourth victim being Allen. This left Ted with two defeats, and Jones, Elmerson, Zimmerman and Davis tied for second with three losses. On the final day, Allen and Elmerson came down to the final game without any further losses, and a huge crowd packed the courts to see their game. It was a tight battle, with Al1en steaming on 13 consecutive doubles in mid-game to grab a small lead which he held to the end, winning 50-47. Ted Allen's average of .755 was a new high, and his streak against Elmerson was also a new record.
     Mrs. James walked away with the women's title, winning five straight games with ease. The women' final standings:
1.Mrs. Esther James5025017861268.636
2.Mrs. Chas. Johnson4124217655308.593
3.Mrs. Betty Davis3222015940290.548
4.Mrs. Guy Zimmerman2321216150296.555
5.Mrs. Glenn Rust1413911021268.410
6.Mrs. Lee Rose0551526206.253