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C. C. DavisKansas City, Mo 2039373411382.719
Fern. Isais,Los Angeles, Cal... 18510873791502.720
Jas. Risk,Montpelier, Ind. 18510163721580.709
B. Nunamaker,E. Cleveland, O. 18510343591504.689
Russell Sigler,Pittsfield, Ill 1679473121488.675
James Lecky,Phoenix, Ariz. 16710043331516.654
Bert Duryee,Wichita, Kan 15810033161538.644
Grover Hawley,Bridgeport, 0 1499322951472.639
Edward Walls,Detroit, Mich. 13109332801574.621
Harold Sheets,Waukesha, Wis. 12 119462991492.641
Howard Collier,Fiatt, Ill 12118692671414.488
H. Jackson,Blue Mound, Kan 10137812201410.600
Lloyd Woodard,Columbus, Kan. 10138232571388.585
John Calao,Chicago, Ill 10138052261384.527
L. Steinmann,St. Louis, Mo 9148082261424.539
C. Jackson,La Grange, Ill 9147862441280.525
Vyrl Jackson,Kellerton, Ia 9148522431466.488
Verne Licht,Lodi, Wis. 8159903041654.561
Orville Harris,Indianapolis, Ind. 6178132291466.499
Clarence Pfeiffer,Dubuque, Ia  5189282711540.511
Alton Wood,Chicago, Ill 4197381901378.468
J. Hoeksema,Grand Rapids, Mich. 2 21504149942.538
Milton Tate,Knoxville, Ill 023446116850.481
Totals 27627621150663634166.594

     The women's tournament was captured by Caroline Schultz, of Harvey, Ill., and her sister Charlotte came in second. Mrs. Esther James, of Hastings, Mich., was third.
     In the first annual Mid-West Tournament held at the Iowa State Fair in 1933, C. C. Davis walked off with first place, and he repeated this performance in 1934.
     A tournament held in California in 1934, and advertised as a world tournament was not an officially sanctioned one, and no results of this meet are on hand.
     Ted Allen came out of the West again in 1935, and captured the Mid-West Meet while on his way to Moline, Ill., where the world tournament was to be held August 27-Sept. 3.
     This tournament at Moline copied after the Chicago meet by forcing the pitchers to qualify by the hundred shoe method, although there was time for a better way, and the scores ran high. C. C. Davis was again high in this event, scoring 266 points with 84 ringers. Jimmy Risk threw 85 ringers, but scored less points, 264.      Twenty-four men reached the finals, and the last man in, Gaylord Peterson, had to shoot 242 points to make it. The second high 24 played in the Moline Dispatch Tournament which