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Brouillette came through with a' successful defense of her title, winning eight out of nine games, with Mrs. Francisco second with seven wins and two defeats. The women divided $190.00 in prize money.
     In 1927 a summer tournament was held in Duluth, August 7-14. A field of 38 players started this tournament, but the high wind and cold weather forced three of them to withdraw the first day. Frank Jackson was high man in the preliminaries, winning 33 games and losing only one game, and that to his son, Vyrl. Davis, Risk, Duryee, H. E. Jackson, Hilst, C. E. Jackson, Cumming, Freel, Mossman, Collier, and Reese finished in that order to qualify for the finals.
     Davis put on the pressure in the finals to retain his title with 30 wins and three losses, but the wind and cold kept his average down to .648. Frank Jackson took second place with 26 victories and seven defeats, averaging .611. Duryee was third, Cecil Freel, of Murray, Iowa, was fourth; Carroll Jackson' took fifth, Risk was sixth, and Mossman slipped down to seventh with only .501. The players divided $1,815.00 in prize money.
     Eight entries started in the women's tournament, and Mrs. Lanham, the left-handed star, was back after a two and a half year absence to demonstrate her superiority over the field. She swept through seven games in the preliminaries without defeat, and lost only one game in the finals in nine starts. Mrs. Lanham averaged .583 in the preliminaries, and .560 in the finals.
     Her average in the preliminaries was a new record, while her average of .560 for the whole tournament was also a new record.
     In a game against Mrs. Young, she also set a record for one game, hitting.833. The women divided a prize list of $216.00.
     The winter tournament of 1926 was again held in St. Petersburg, Florida, February 20 to March 1st. Thirty contestants opened play, and in the very first game, Bert Duryee upset Champion C. C. Davis 50-41. Davis, however, swept through the next 28 games without defeat, finishing first in the preliminaries. Blair Nunamaker came in second, losing only to Davis and Leslie Robison. Bert Duryee and Harvey Elmerson, of Kenosha, Wis., tied for third with 24 wins and five losses.
     Frank Jackson, Jimmy Risk and Carroll Jackson were next with 23 wins and six defeats, while the others to qualify for the finals were C. R. Thompson, Vyrl Jackson, Harold Falor, Jim Hough and Hansford Jackson. Putt Mossman for the first time, failed to qualify for the finals, coming in 13th.
     On the first day of the finals, rain held the games down to nine instead of 11, and Davis went through undefeated, averaging .731. Duryee, Risk and Nunamaker were tied for second with two defeats each. Against V. Jackson, Davis set a new