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place. The only record set in this meet was made by Loren May who threw six consecutive doubles against Buckman.
     In the women's tournament, Mrs. Lanham dethroned Mrs. Francisco as champion by winning six consecutive games, defeating the title holder, 50-15. Mrs. Lanham set a record by averaging .527. Total prizes for women was $180, first place taking $75 and gold medal.
     One interesting fact connected with this tournament was that the Lake Worth Herald put out a special horseshoe edition every evening after results were in.
     The summer tournament of 1924 was held in Minneapolis, Sept. 17-21. It was agreed that the 24 contestants were to play one round-robin, and the two highest would playa three-out-of-this tourney, winning 23 consecutive games in the round-robin, this tourney, winning 23 consecutive games in the round-robin, and whipping Frank Jackson three straight in the series, which was played in the rain. Mossman averaged .625 for the tournament, setting a new record. Hansford Jackson placed third, Floyd Billings, of Waukesha, Wis., was fourth, while down in ninth place was Carroll Jackson.
     Mrs. Lanham easily retained her title in the women's meet, winning 11 straight games in the round-robin with an average of .5GO, and then beating Mrs. Brouillette in two straight games in the series.
     A feature of this tournament was the greatest game of horseshoes pitched up to that time. It was between Mossman and F. Jackson, and Mossman won with 73 ringers in 102 shoes to Jackson's 72 ringers.
     The winter tournament of 1925 was held February 16-28, at Lake Worth, Florida. The plan of this tournament was that the 32 entries would play one round-robin the first week, and the 12 highest would then playa round-robin each day for five days to decide a champion. Frank Jackson sailed through the preliminaries with 31 consecutive victories, with Putt Moss an second with 29 wins. It was in the finals, however, that Moss-man proved his superiority over the horseshoe players of that day by going through 55 games with only two defeats to finish far ahead of C. C. Davis who was beaten 10 times. Putt hung up a new record of .676 average for the finals, and averaged .659 for the entire 86 games of the tournament.
     On February 25, Mossman beat Bert Duryee in a great game which broke several records. It was the longest game ever pitched, 108 shoes, and at one stretch there were four ringers on the stake eight consecutive times. Mossman ended the game with an unfinished run of nine straight doubles. Mossman threw