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of that state, Mrs. Francisco living in Muskegon, Mrs. R. A. Bishop, of Battle Creek, Mrs. E. Tuttle, of Walled Lake, and Mrs. Doris Cole of Grand Rapids. Mrs. Francisco had a ringer average of .452. The women divided $145 in cash prizes, $75 and a gold medal going to the winner.
     The scene of world championship play shifted to Cleveland, Ohio, where September 19-23, 1923, was held the next meet. Fifty-three men entered the tournament, fifty of them starting. The contestants were divided into five groups of 10 each, and after playing a round robin in each group, the eight highest advanced to the next round. The 40 survivors were then divided into eight groups of five men each and 12 more were eliminated. The 28 men left were again divided into four groups of seven men each, and the four highest in each group made up the 16 in the finals.
     C. C. Davis was high in the preliminaries, with a ringer average of .591, but close on his heels came George May with .572, and Loren May with .561. Frank Jackson was next with .549. In the finals, records were broken right and left as George May won the title with an average of .600, winning 14 and losing one. C .C. Davis came in second with an average of .610, winning 13 and losing two. Loren May was third and Frank Jackson was fourth. William Yocum, a player who was to play in many more meets, was sixth; Blair Nunamaker, of Cleveland, was 11th, and Carroll Jackson was 12th. Yocum set a world record by shooting .777 against C. Jackson, but Frank Jackson fired an .800 against Nunamaker soon after. Davis threw the most ringers ever thrown in one game, hurling 63 against F. Jackson's 59.
     There were eight entries in the women's tournament. Mrs. Francisco, now of Columbus, Ohio, won seven straight games, beating Mrs. Lanham 50-48 for the title. Mrs. Francisco averaged only .378, while Mrs. Lanham, in second, averaged .465. Mrs. Lanham pitched .708 against Mrs. Heenan to establish a record for women.
     Lake Worth, Fla., was the site of the winter tourney of 1924, the exact dates being February 18.23, and it was in this meet that C. C. Davis again crashed through to the title. Charley defeated 22 consecutive opponents, and averaged .579, while Frank Jackson came in second, winning 20 and losing two and having an average of only .514. Tied for third place were Loren May and a young newcomer from Eldora, Iowa, named Putt Mossman.
     The contestants divided $1,830, of which $500 went to first