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that the ringer average must have been under 40 percent. Fred Hurst was also entered in this meet, but could only finish ninth. Harold Falor, a thirteen-year-old boy from Akron was eighth.
     The next tournament was held in Minneapolis, Minn., on Sept. 7-10, 1921. No records of this tournament are available beyond the fact that it was won by Frank Jackson with Fred Hay, of Minneapolis, second.
     In St. Petersburg on Feb. 20-24, 1922, was held a women's tournament. Mrs. Mayme Francisco, of Columbus, Ohio, captured the title from Miss Voorhees. There were four entries.
     Des Moines, Iowa, was the scene of the next men's tournament. It was held August 28 to Sept. 1, 1922. It was in this meet that several famous names in horseshoe pitching began to enter the records. Frank Lundin, with 14 wins and one loss, brought the title to New London, Ia.; Frank Jackson, with 13 wins and two losses, was second; Lyle Brown, of Des Moines, was third; Ralph Spencer, of Pitcher, Okla., was fourth; Harold Falor was seventh; George May was tied for eighth with C. C. Davis, of Columbus, 0.; H. E. Jackson was eleventh; and Carrol Jackson was 16th and last. No record of shoes pitched was kept, but Lundin threw 424 ringers in 15 games, an average of 28 per game, so the ringer average must have been at least 40 per cent.
     A women's meet was also held at Des Moines, and Mrs. C. A. Lanham of Bloomington, Ill., walked off with the title, winning eight straight games from the other eight entries. Mrs. Francisco was second, while down in seventh place was Mrs. Geo. Brouillette, of Minneapolis, Minn.
     Harold Falor, fifteen-year-old boy from Akron, Ohio, became the world champion in the next meet held at St. Petersburg, Fla., Feb. 19-24, 1923. In 29 games, Falor did not meet a single defeat, and he had a ringer average of .553. This was the first tournament in which a regular score sheet was used that recorded the shoe pitched, and it was an invention of Mr. D. D. Cottrell, of North Cohocton, N. Y., who had charge of the official records. Frank Lundin lost only one game to wind up second, losing to Falor, 50-24. Lundin averaged .515. Tied for third were C. C. Davis and Frank Jackson, each with three defeats. Davis averaged .553 to Jackson's .485. The contestants divided a total of $1,855 in cash prizes. Falor received $500 and a diamond-studded gold medal.
     Mrs. Francisco regained her world title for women by beating five straight opponents. The State of Michigan claimed the spotlight in this meet, as the first four places went to residents