When the National Horseshoe Pitchers' Association of America was first 'incorporated, one of the ideas in mind for the betterment and advancement of the game of horseshoe pitching was the yearly publication of a book devoted exclusively to the sport. While the Association was formed in 1921, there was no book published until 1928, when the National Secretary, Mr. D. D. Cottrell, compiled and published a book for the National Association called" Horseshoe Pitching-How To Play the Game." This book was re-edited and re-published in 1929. Since that time, however, no book containing the official stamp of the National Association has appeared on the market.
    Believing the time has come for the issuing of another book containing information needed by both pitcher and promoter alike, your present National Secretary has taken it upon himself to gather and Compile such material as deemed necessary for the productions of a small but complete volume which, it is hoped, will satisfy those seeking horseshoe knowledge, and contain the answers to numerous queries which come in to the Secretary's office. We believe each article is self-explanatory.
    The pitchers of some states seemingly overlooked by this book may feel slightly discriminated against, but it must be stated here that every state having a charter or a legal representative, and even many other states were asked to contribute articles or facts about horseshoe pitching in their states, and if your state is not represented it is due to the fact that no official news was received, and rather than take the risk of publishing statements for which no proof was at hand,' we decided to print only those sent in.
    We wish to thank Claude E. Hart, of New Jersey; Gaylord Peterson, of Illinois; L. D. Lane, of Connecticut; Alvin Dahlene, of Kansas; Harry Woodfield, of Washington, D. C.; A. L. McNeil, of Wyoming; W. A. Banta, of