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     Sec. k. A leaning shoe has no value over one touching the stake.
     Rule 16. Sec. a. The points shall be scored according to the position of the shoes at the inning's end, that is, after the contestants have each thrown two shoes.
     Sec. b. Ringer credits shall be given on the same basis.
     Sec. c. The winner of points shall call the result. In case of a tie, the party pitching last shall call.
     Rule 17. Definition of a Ringer - A ringer is declared when a shoe encircles the stake far enough to allow the touching of both heel calks simultaneously with a straight edge, and permit a clearance of the stake.
     Rule 18. Recording the Results - The recording of results shall be as follows: W, Games Won; L, Games Lost; P, Points; R, Ringers; DR, Double Ringers; SP, Shoes Pitched; OP, Opponents' Points; PCT, Percentage of Ringers.
     Rule 19. Sec. a. A tournament committee, satisfactory to the Board of Directors, shall supervise National contests.
     Sec. b. A referee appointed by the committee shall decide points when contestants are in doubt. He shall also see that rules are complied with.
     Sec. c. Appeal may be made to the committee if a ruling of the referee is not considered proper. Decision of the committee shall be final.
     Sec. d. All protests shall be made immediately the occasion arises. Protests covering shoes or conditions of play can only be made before the start of the game.
     Sec. e. If rain or other elements interfere, players must stop play and not resume until officials authorize. On resuming play, score at time of interference will be in effect also the same courts will be used by contestants unless they agree otherwise.
     Sec. f. The interpretation of the tournament committee covering technical points and their ruling on matters uncovered by these rules shall be final.
     Sec. g. An official scorer shall cover each game. When open scorers are also maintained, the official scorer shall watch closely the open score and correct immediately any error.
     Rule 20. Three-handed Games-In three-handed games, when two of the players each have a ringer and the third player no ringer, the party without a ringer is out of the scoring and others score according to conditions pertaining if only two were in the game. Otherwise the regulation rules apply.
     Rule 21. An official contest between two players shall consist of best six (6) out of eleven (11) games.