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the foul line until the shoe pitched reaches the court at which it is delivered.
     Rule 10. Choice of Pitch-Choice of first pitch or follow shall be determined by the toss of a coin. In successive games between the same players, the loser shall have choice.
     Rule 11. Broken Shoes-When the shoe lands in fair territory and is broken into separate parts it shall he removed and the contestant allowed to pitch another shoe in its stead.
     Rule 12. Sec. a. Foul Shoes-A shoe pitched while contestant stands beyond the box foul line limits. A shoe striking outside the opposite pitching box or on the hard surface when courts are so constructed.
     Sec. b. Foul shoes shall be removed from the opposite pitchers' box at the request of the opponent.
     Sec. c. A foul shoe shall not be scored or credited except in the score sheet column headed "shoes pitched."
     Rule 13. Measurements-Measurements to determine points won shall be made with calipers and straight edge.

     Rule 14. Sec. a. A regulation game shall consist of fifty (50) points in all contests where a National or Sectional title is involved. Any other contests may be decided in any manner acceptable to the state association in that state, provided that the National Rules, Constitution and By-Laws are not violated.
     Sec. b. Game points in other tournaments, leagues or contests may be determined by local authorities to fit their conditions.
     Sec. c. A game is divided into innings and each inning constitutes the pitching of two shoes by each contestant.
     Rule 15. Sec. a. A shoe must be within six (6) inches of the stake to score.
     Sec. b. Closest shoe to stake scores 1 point.
     Sec. c. Two shoes closer than opponents, 2 points.
     Sec. d. One (1) ringer scores 3 points.
     Sec. e. Two (2) ringers scores 6 points.
     Sec. f. One (1) ringer and closest shoe of same player scores 4 points.
     Sec. g. Party having two ringers against one for opponent scores 3 points.
     Sec. h. All equals count as ties and no points are scored.
     Sec. i. In case each contestant has a ringer, the next closest shoe, if within six (6) inches of the stake shall score 1 point.
     Sec. j. In case of a tie, such as four (4) ringers, or contestants shoes are equal distance from the stake, causing no score for either, party pitching last in the inning will start the next inning.