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shall not exceed three and one-half (3 ½) inches, inside measurement. Said opening shall not be more than nine-sixteenths (9-16) inches from the extreme end of the shoe determined by measurement from a straight edge placed across the extreme ends of the heel. No hook shall project more than thirteen-sixteenths (13-16) inches from inside the body of the shoe. No projection shall be allowed extending beyond an imaginary line fol-lowing the general inner contour of the shoe, with the exception, of the hooks which shall be no farther than one (1) inch from a line drawn between the extreme ends of the shoe heels.

     Rule 7. Sec. a. Conduct of Players and Members-No contestant, while opponent is in pitching position, shall make any remark or utter any sounds within the hearing of opponent, nor make any movement that does or might interfere with the opponent's playing. Penalty-Both shoes of the offender shall be declared foul in the inning complained of.
      Sec. b. Any member of the National Horseshoe Pitchers' Association of America who indulges in heckling or unfair rooting against any pitcher in a tournament whether with malicious intent or otherwise, shall be expelled from the grounds and from the National Association.
      Sec. c. No contestant shall touch own or opponent's shoe or shoes until winner of point or points has been agreed upon by contestants or decision rendered by the referee. Referee shall declare fou1, shoes thrown by a contestant failing to comply with this rule, and award points to the opponent according to the position of his or her shoes.
      Sec. d. No contestant shall walk to the opposite stake or be informed of the position of shoes prior to the completion of an inning.
      Sec. e. A player, when not pitching, must remain on the opposite side of the stake to the player in action, and to the rear of a line even with the stake.
      Sec. f. Any player repeatedly violating rules or guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct may be barred from further participation in the contest.
      Rule 8. Sec. a. Foul Lines-Any shoe delivered while the pitcher's foot extends on or over the raised foul line (See Rule 4, Sec. d) shall be declared foul, and removed from counting distance.
      Sec. b. - In delivering the shoe the pitcher shall stand within the pitchers' box, but outside an eighteen (18) inch radius of the stake.
     Rule 9. In delivering a shoe, the pitcher must remain behind