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its own expenses for uniform, traveling, etc. (It is to be left up to each team to obtain its own commercial sponsor for these things). Each team shall be at liberty to charge admission to the general public for its home games, or take up a collection, or hold raffles or drawings, and is not under any obligations to share receipts with the visiting team unless special pact between the two has been previously agreed upon.
     Rule 11. Any point not fully covered by these foregoing rules may be decided upon by the National Secretary or if demanded, by the Executive Committee.
     Rule 12. It is desired by the National Association that each state association form within its own state, a league similar to the National league, using the same general rules, and that results of these leagues be also sent to the National Secretary. It is requested, however, that no member of a National League team shall play on a state league team. It is further desired by the National Association that each district or locality with enough players to form a league shall form local leagues on the same patterns as the National League, with the understanding that no player from either a National League or State League team be allowed to play in this local league.