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mittee that they may in turn give their official recognition of the blueprint submitted.
"The manufacturer may waive the rule requiring him to submit blueprints, and submit the finished product directly."
     Sec. 2. "Each manufacturer shall post with the National Secretary a bond of one hundred ($100.00) dollars as a guarantee of his willingness to comply with the National Rules in. manufacturing and disposing of his product, said bond lo be forfeit to the fund for conducting' National Tournament if manufacturer does not comply with all rules and regulations laid down by the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association of America."
     Section 1. Beginning with the year of 1940, and each year thereafter, the National Association shall conduct a National Team League under the following rules:
     Rule 1. Eligibility. Any member in good standing in the National Association is eligible to compete as a player or hold position as manager, coach, director, owner or some such office on or in connection with any team in this league.
     Rule 2. Source of Team. Any source, such as a horseshoe club, county, district or state association, city, town, village, fraternal organization, Private or commercial sponsor, or any reliable functionary may enter a team in this league.
     Rule: 3. Registration. Each source desiring to enter a team shall file notice of prospective entry with the National Secretary before April 1st. Each prospective entry shall be sent a team contract which shall be filled in and returned no later than May 1. This contract will simply affirm that team's willingness to participate in the league play and accept the schedule and rules as given, and will be signed by no more than ten (10) players and such other officials connected with that team.
     Rule 4. General Plan of Schedule. On or before May 15, each team will receive its' official schedule for the year. The entries for this league will be divided into divisions according to geographical locations, and each team will play a home-and-home series of at least two matches with each other team in its division. After division champions have been decided, a plan for play-offs between them to decide the National Championship team will be drawn up and played.
     Rule. 5. Method of Deciding Winners. The team matches shall be decided on the basis of seven-men-a-side. There will be seven rounds of play, and seven games per round. The team winning 25 or more games is the winner of the Match. Matches won and lost shall decide the team's standing in the league.
     Rule 6. Each team will be allowed to sign ten players. There will be no limitations placed upon their ability or distance of residence from the home courts of the team they represent.
     Rule 7. Each team will be required to be uniformed, and it is recommended that each player's name be engraved on his uniform.
     Rule 8. Method of Conducting Team Match. The home team management shall be responsible for having the courts in perfect shape, and shall also make arrangements for ground keepers, scorers, ushers, etc. They shall also furnish Scoresheets. Just before the match is to begin, each manager shall write out his line-up, numbering his players from one to seven, the number indicating the court on which that player will start. Neither manager shall see the opponent's line-up until both have been turned in to the official referee or announced. After each round of play, the members of the visiting team shall move one court to the right, and the members of the home team shall move one court to their left. Each manager may make substitutions before each of the last six rounds, provided that such substitution does not place a man upon a court where he has already played one game, or bring together two men who have already played each other. If both managers substitute simultaneously, bringing up such a case, the home team must withdraw or change its substitution.
     Rule 9. The home team shall send either the score sheets or a compiled result of each match to the National Secretary. If a compiled result is sent, it should include each player's games, won and lost, his points and opponents' points, his ringers, double ringers, shoe pitched and ringer percentage. The National Secretary shall have all the results and standings published in the Horseshoe World.
     Rule 10. Financial Arrangement... A team entry fee of ten ($10.00) dollars shall accompany each team's entry into the league. Each team shall defray