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     Sec. 2. The winner of an authorized National Tournament shall be declared the Champion Horseshoe Pitcher of the World and shall hold said title until the next authorized tournament, at which time he shall have the privilege of again contesting for the title on the same basis as the others, except he shall not be compelled to pitch a qualifying round to enter the championship finals.
     Sec. 3. A ladies' tournament may be held in connection with the men's tournament and the winner shall be declared The Champion Lady Horseshoe Pitcher of the World and shall hold said title until the next authorized National Tournament as aforesaid.
     Sec. 4. The assembly of delegates in convention shall award the privilege of conducting a subsequent tournament by a two-thirds vote. In case no bid is received at the convention, the Executive Committee has authority to make award. A city or organization, desiring to hold a National Tournament, shall have its bid in the hands of the Secretary at the first session of delegates assembled in convention.
     Sec. 5. No sealed bid will be considered by the assembly of delegates unless the following articles are clearly defined:
     (a) State facilities available for conducting a tournament.
     (b) Amount of cash prizes.
     (c) Amount of trophy prizes.
     (d) Miscellaneous advantages.
     Sec. 6. This Association may conduct the National Tournament under its own auspices in strict accord with rules herein stipulated and at a place agreeable to its membership.
     Sec. 7. The favored bidder or bidders for a National Tournament must pay to the National Association an amount equal to twelve and one-half per cent of the total cash and trophy prizes to be awarded sixty (60) days prior to the date of starting the tournament, unless the Executive Committee authorizes a later payment. .
     Sec. 8. The favored bidder or bidders for a National Tournament must place the total amount of the prize money on deposit in a National bank at least 30 days. prior to the opening date of the tournament and so certify to the National Secretary.


Article I.
     Section 1. The Executive Committee shall be the judicial body and shall define and interpret the Constitution and By-Laws. Technical points may be submitted to it for decision and the ruling declared official unless delegates in convention assembled, by a two-thirds vote, rule otherwise.      Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of all committees to serve willingly and in the best interests of the Association.

Article II.
     Section 1. A member may be suspended for:
     (a) Non-payment of dues or fees as per Article 4, Section 1; (b) willfully violating the Constitution, By-Laws, or Rules: (c) by participating in a tournament under an assumed name or being found guilty of fraud, fixing games or other conduct unbecoming a member; (d) for directly or indirectly betting on a contestant or self when an entry in the competition: (e) for participating in a tournament not sanctioned by the National Association or one of its state subdivisions or using unsanctioned shoes in a tournament, a member shall be suspended for a period of one year and the secretary of the National Association shall notify all State Associations and state representatives of said suspension.
     Sec. 2. . No member shall be suspended until after a trial before the Executive Committee.
     See. 3. Members suspended under clause (a) shall be reinstated upon payment of back dues. Under clause (b) after a period of six months, and under clauses (c) and (d) after a period of one year unless delegates in convention by a two-thirds majority vote contrary.

Article III.
     Section 1. To accommodate the largest number of contestants possible, and on the least number of courts, and to make satisfactory to officials, players and spectators, the deciding of the World's Championship, one of the following methods shall be pursued in determining same: