Standing Rules

Standing Rules last amended January 15, 2011

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Standing Rules
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NHPA Standing Rules

Standing Rules are for the guidance of the Executive Council. They may be adopted, changed, or suspended by a majority vote at any meeting, without notice. Between meetings, the Executive Council may adopt, change, or suspend a Standing Rule, but to continue, it must be ratified at the next Council meeting.

Standing Rules take effect immediately and are as follows:

1. The Executive Council shall have their annual membership, Horseshoe Pitching Newsline magazine, and NHPA Awards Banquet fees paid by the NHPA.

2. The Secretary-Treasurer and Game-related Sales Buyer shall be bonded. The Executive Council shall determine the bond amount and the cost shall be paid by the NHPA.

3. The Executive Council shall determine the initial fee to be charged for sanctioning or licensing of a product and set any renewal or royalty fees.

4. The Executive Council, by majority vote, may authorize the purchase /production and distribution of patches, awards, literature, videos, or other promotional items that they deem suitable for the advancement and good will of the sport, and for the NHPA.

5. Game-related items at the World Tournament must be sold through authorized NHPA distributors or by other personnel appointed by the National Buyer, or by the Executive Council. Anyone else wishing to sell merchandise at the World Tournament site must have prior permission of the Executive Council.

6. Authorized NHPA distributors of game related items have the sole selling rights at any NHPA sanctioned tournament. The sale of game-related items, by an authorized distributor at an NHPA-sanctioned tournament, cannot be refused by the Tournament Director or Committee, as long as there is no more than one active, authorized distributor attending the tournament, and as long as there is no violation of local laws.

7. The NHPA will not recognize or sanction, as an approved horseshoe, any brand name that is produced by a manufacturer who will not sign a written agreement with the NHPA.

8. When submitting a new model of pitching horseshoe for sanction approval, or for changes to an existing or older model, the NHPA Secretary must also receive a complete, written description and/or prototype of the newly- proposed design.

9. The Horseshoe Pitching Newsline magazine must publish: 1) The financial reports of the NHPA Secretary-Treasurer 2), The NHPA Accountant's annual year-end report, 3) The World Tournament prize list, 4) Information about candidates running for office, and 5) Any proposed changes to the Bylaws and/or RGS Book. This information shall be published as early as possible, before the Convention. Items 4 and 5 above must also be included in the delegate packets, along with a meeting agenda, all of which are to be mailed to all Charter Presidents as soon as this information has been printed for distribution.

11. Regional Directors are appointed, removed, replaced, and will serve in accordance with the published RD Guidelines, developed by the NHPA Vice President who oversees the RD program. All Regional Directors must be subscribers to the Horseshoe Pitching Newsline magazine.

12. All member-proposed changes to the NHPA Bylaws and RGS Book shall be submitted in writing to the respective Committee Chairperson and shall be postmarked no later than December 31st of the year preceding the appropriate Convention.

13. The NHPA Officers, Game-related Sales Buyer, Regional Directors, Committee members, and others directed by the Executive Council, shall endeavor to save and maintain (via computers whenever possible) all NHPA-relevant membership, subscription, inventory, scheduling, historical, statistical, and other important information. Where appropriate, printouts of same will be made available to the Executive Council and to Charter officers.

14. The official NHPA RGS Book is printed as a separate document. The NHPA Rules Committee shall review and bring approved, proposed changes before the Convention Delegates for a vote, at every third Convention beginning in 2009. A two-thirds majority vote is required to pass all proposed Playing Rules, Requirements, and Specifications changes.

15. The NHPA shall donate to the National Horseshoe Pitchers Foundation (NHPF) the amount of one dollar ($1.00) per adult member, per year.

16. The NHPA shall provide longevity patches to those who reach 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 years of membership. These accumulated years do not have to be consecutive or all from the same Charter. It is up to each Charter to track these years and to report them to the NHPA Secretary-Treasurer. Those who reach 50 years of membership shall be granted a lifetime membership to the NHPA and will not be required to pay NHPA annual dues. Charter membership dues may still be required, depending on the decision of that Charter/State Association. Benefits for lifetime members will include, but are not limited to, a lifetime NHPA membership card.

Last complete revision adopted July 26, 1992
Standing Rules last amended January 15, 2014

Stu Sipma, President