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The name of this organization shall be the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association of America, hereinafter known as the NHPA.

The purpose of the NHPA shall be to develop, foster and promote organized horseshoe pitching at the local, state, regional, national, and international levels; as a recreational pastime and a competitive sport, by providing direction, organization, published material and approved equipment; in an effort to enhance the sport.

ARTICLE III: Membership

SECTION 1. Any reputable person may become a member upon payment of annual dues as designated in these bylaws. Annual dues include NHPA liability insurance.

SECTION 2. Junior and Junior Cadet pitchers may join at a reduced fee designated in these Bylaws. Boys and Girls are eligible to compete as Juniors, up to the ages specified in Rule 1, Section A, #s 1-3 of the RGS Book.

SECTION 3. Dues for adult members are the National dues of seventeen dollars ($17.00) plus the amount set for State dues within their Charter. Three dollar ($3.00) of every adult membership will be set aside for the World Tournament prize fund, for the next year

SECTION 4. Dues for Junior and Junior Cadet members are National dues of five dollars ($5.00) plus the amount set for State dues for Juniors within their Charter. These dues entitle Junior members to participate in all Sanctioned Tournaments/Leagues, and to League Program benefits.

SECTION 5. Membership cards will become available for purchase from the Charter Secretaries on October 1st (or upon joining), and will remain valid through December 31st of the following year.

SECTION 6. An NHPA Membership card is a combined State-National card and is to be issued only through the Charter Secretaries, upon payment of both Charter and National dues. Charter Secretaries are required to send membership reports and dues to the NHPA Secretary/Treasurer at least once every calendar quarter.

SECTION 7. A membership card must be issued by the Charter in which the member maintains legal residence as determined by the filing of federal and state tax returns, voting, and/or driver license laws. Charters collecting NHPA dues for a non-resident member should give only a receipt, and then forward the dues and address information to the NHPA Secretary-Treasurer who will advise the Charter of record. Residents of a State having no active Charter may become an NHPA member by sending their dues directly to the NHPA Secretary-Treasurer.

SECTION 8. Any member may be suspended for:
  1. Willfully violating any official Playing Rule, Requirement or Bylaw of the NHPA.
  2. Fixing games, cheating, or any other conduct unbecoming a member.
  3. Placing a bet of monetary value on a contestant, or self, when participating in a competition.
  4. Using unsanctioned horseshoes in a tournament.
  5. Forfeiting in a tournament for an unapproved reason.
  6. Un-sportsman-like conduct while participating in or attending a sanctioned event*
* See RGS Rule 12 and Guideline 6 additional information

SECTION 9. For any of the reasons above, a member may be suspended for one year.

SECTION 10. No member facing a Charter Suspension or full NHPA Suspension shall be suspended until offered a fair hearing before the NHPA Executive Council or a Board appointed by same.

SECTION 11. Members who have been suspended for one year may be reinstated, after the year has elapsed, by a majority vote of the Charter Executive Council, if also approved by the NHPA Council.

ARTICLE IV: Executive Council

SECTION 1. Members
The NHPA Executive Council shall be made up of the officers of the NHPA.

SECTION 2. Authority
a. The NHPA Executive Council shall have full power to conduct the business of the NHPA between annual meetings, provided such business is not contrary to the Bylaws of the NHPA.
b. The NHPA Executive Council shall define and interpret these Bylaws, and its rulings shall become official, unless overturned by delegates assembled at the next Convention, by a two-thirds majority vote.

SECTION 3. Meetings
a. The NHPA Executive Council shall meet at the Call of the President or any three (3) members of that Council.
b. A quorum for any meeting of the Executive Council shall be four (4) members.
c. The NHPA Executive Council may conduct business by US mail, by e-mail, or by telephone.
d. Official decisions made by the NHPA Executive Council, and that may affect the general membership, shall be published in the official NHPA magazine (currently Horseshoe Pitching Newsline) within 3 months of said decisions.

ARTICLE V: Officers

SECTION 1.  The officers of the NHPA shall be:
a. President.
b. First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Vice-Presidents.
c. Secretary-Treasurer.

SECTION 2.  Duties of officers
a.  The President shall:
  1. Be the chief executive officer of the NHPA.
  2. Preside at all meetings of the NHPA.
  3. Approve warrants for payment by being the second required signature on all checks received from the Secretary-Treasurer for payment of all accounts.
  4. Assign or change specific duties of other officers.
  5. Appoint all committees (Standing or Special), name the committee chairperson, make changes to the make-up of the committee, fill any committee vacancies, and discharge any committee, if deemed necessary for the good of the organization.
  6. Be ex-officio a member of all committees.
  7. Develop revise and maintain NHPA contracts, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and travel guidelines. SOPs shall be made available for review by any delegate, upon request.
  8. Appoint, contract for, and/or discharge (with Executive Council approval) the NHPA Auditor, Attorney, National Buyer, Insurance Company, Horseshoe Pitching Newsline Editor/Publisher, or any other professional person or firm deemed necessary for the good of the organization.
  9. Develop and implement the annual NHPA budget guidelines, pending approval of the NHPA Council.
b. The Vice Presidents shall:
  1. In their order, assume the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President.
  2. Assist the President, when requested and assume any duties their offices may imply.
  3. Direct specific NHPA functions assigned to them by the President. These functions shall include (but are not limited to): Bylaws, Rules, Regional Directors, Sanctioned Leagues, Publicity, Promotions, and Website Management.
c. The Secretary-Treasurer shall:
  1. Be custodian of all funds, property, records and other NHPA-owned assets except those of the game related sales program, which are under the direction of the National Buyer.
  2. Keep records of all monies received and disbursed, provide a monthly written statement of same to the Executive Council and to the Horseshoe Pitching Newsline editor, for publication.
  3. Pay all bills for routine supplies and all special purchases that have been approved by the Executive Council.
  4. Annually, by April 15, submit required books and records of the previous April 1 to March 31 fiscal year to the NHPA auditor, for the year-end report.

SECTION 3.  Time and Expense
Individuals mentioned in the positions below shall receive an annual stipend to defray the expenses of using their home, utilities, and equipment; for serving certain elected and appointed NHPA positions known to require a great deal of personal time. Extraordinary expenses, as outlined in the Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs), are exempt.
  1. The NHPA Secretary-Treasurer shall receive $15,000 plus 50 cents per adult member as determined by year-end membership reports.
  2. The NHPA President shall receive 30% of the Secretary-Treasurer total.
  3. Each NHPA Vice-President shall receive 10% of the Secretary-Treasurer total.
  4. The NatStats Director shall receive 20% of the Secretary-Treasurer total.
  5. The Horseshoe Pitching Newsline editor shall receive 10% of the Secretary-Treasurer total.
  6. The NHPA President may authorize Associate Directors to assist the Vice-Presidents with specific tasks related to the functions mentioned in paragraph c., above. These Associate Directors shall receive 2-5% of the Secretary-Treasurer total, the percentage to be approved by the Council and determined by the magnitude of the task.

SECTION 4.  NHPA Regional Directors shall annually receive fifty dollars ($50.00) plus 20 cents per adult NHPA member in their region based on the year-end membership report of the Secretary-Treasurer.

SECTION 5.  All NHPA positions listed above in section 3 (a-f), who attend the World Tournament will receive a travel allowance in accordance with the current Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the NHPA. Those with dual responsibilities receive only one travel allowance.

SECTION 6.  Eligibility of officers
  a. All officers shall be NHPA members in good standing (dues paid and not under suspension).
b. At least one officer shall be a woman, and, similarly, at least one officer shall be a man - no junior may be an officer.

SECTION 7.  Candidates for NHPA office must announce their candidacy in writing, to be received by the President and the Horseshoe Pitching Newsline Editor no later than April 1st. Incumbents however, must announce their candidacy in the same manner, by February 1st

SECTION 8. Terms of office
a. All officers shall serve a three-year term.
b. The President, the First, Third and Fifth Vice Presidents shall be elected in the year 2015.
c. The Second and Fourth Vice President and the Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected in the year 2016.
d. Newly-elected officers shall officially take office on January 1st of the year following their election.

SECTION 9. Removal from office
a. Any officer may be removed from office upon failure to perform the duties of the office or for any reason that brings discredit to the NHPA.
b. Removal from office shall be by a majority vote of the Executive Council members.

SECTION 10. Vacancies in office
Any vacancies in office except that of President shall be filled within thirty (30) days, by the President, and with a majority approval of the Executive Council.

SECTION 11. Records and property held by officers

During the last thirty days of their term, all out-going officers or committee chairpersons shall deliver to their successors in office, all records and property of the NHPA that is in their possession.

ARTICLE VI: Standing Committees

SECTION 1. The Standing Committees of the NHPA shall be: Bylaws, Grievance, Hall of Fame, History, Minutes Approval, Promotion, RGS Book, Publicity, Statistics, and Website.


SECTION 1. Charters shall be organized under the NHPA and shall be known as (name of state, territory or country) Division of the NHPA. It is the responsibility of Charters to follow NHPA Bylaws and if necessary, to enact separate but non-conflicting Charter Bylaws that are in compliance with their applicable State Governmental codes. Each Charter shall have a functional Executive Council, duly-elected by the Charter membership, for minimum two-year terms, and with the President being recognized as the ranking officer.

SECTION 2. Any of the above entities may apply for their first Charter from the NHPA by sending an application to the Secretary-Treasurer. This application must include a list of twenty-five (25) paid NHPA members.

SECTION 3. New Charters can be granted upon majority approval of the Executive Council. Charter certificates shall be issued by the NHPA Secretary-Treasurer and must carry his signature and that of the NHPA President.

SECTION 4. Any application for additional Charters within a State must include a description or map of the proposed area, justified reasons for creating this new Charter, and a list of at least Fifty (50) paid NHPA members.

SECTION 5. Any State with multiple Charters must maintain at least fifty (50) members in each Charter or have that Charter will be subject to revocation.

SECTION 6. A Charter will be entitled to convention delegates based upon the previous year's adult membership as follows:

Members         Delegates   Members   Delegates
  25-100              1            601-700        7
 101-200             2            701-800        8
 201-300             3            801-900        9
 301-400             4           901-1000      10
 401-500             5         1001-1100      11
 501-600             6         1101-1200      12

Further expansion of the above will continue in increments of 1 per 100 members.

ARTICLE VIII: Delegate Meetings

SECTION 1. Annual Meeting
The annual NHPA meeting (Convention) is where the business of the organization is undertaken. The location and time frame of the annual World Tournament shall be given preference for this meeting. The meeting location shall be recommended by the Executive Council and approved by the delegates at the Convention, one year in advance.

SECTION 2. Special Meetings
a. A special meeting may be called by the President when approved by the Executive Council.
b. All Charters must be notified of this Special Meeting in writing, at least thirty (30) days before the meeting, and be informed of the reason(s) for the meeting.
c. No business except that specified in the notice may be included on this meeting agenda.

SECTION 3. Quorum
A quorum for any meeting shall be at least 51% (counting delegates present and proxies) of the total number of delegates authorized based upon the previous year's ending membership.

SECTION 4. Voting
a. The President will decide on the method of voting (by voice, show of hands, written ballot, etc.).
b. Proxy voting is permitted and the Charter Delegation Chairperson shall cast any proxy votes from that delegation.
c. The President shall appoint a committee of no more than three (3) members (two of whom may be Executive Council members) to act as tellers, and who shall count the votes immediately after the polls are closed. The voting results shall be brought before the assembly (or posted) as soon as possible. When counting the votes for NHPA Executive Council candidates, no teller can be related to, or be from the same state of, any candidate.

ARTICLE IX: Convention

SECTION 1. The NHPA shall meet in convention annually to transact the business of the Association and to elect officers.

SECTION 2. The delegate body shall be made up as noted in ARTICLE VII, Section 6.

SECTION 3. Delegates are chosen in a manner that the Charter Officers decide. The Charter President must provide to the NHPA President, at least 72 hours prior to the start of the convention, a written and signed list of delegates which also names the delegation Chairman.

SECTION 4. Each Charter that has presented an acceptable delegation list is allowed to vote its maximum delegate votes, based on the previous year's ending membership report, even if the Charter is represented by only a single delegate. Charters with no appointed delegates to the Convention will have no vote. States or Countries without a Charter, but with NHPA membership, may be represented, in total, by one delegate appointed by the NHPA President. This representative may speak at the Convention, but cannot vote on any matters except for the World Tournament site.

SECTION 5. All delegates must be NHPA members in good standing and must be residents of the Charter which they represent.

SECTION 6. The Charter Delegation Chairman must be a current subscriber of the Horseshoe Pitching Newsline magazine.

SECTION 7. The NHPA elected Officers shall be allowed to speak on all Convention issues.

SECTION 8. The NHPA President shall appoint a committee of three members to approve, within ninety (90) days, the Minutes of the Convention. A copy of the approved Minutes shall be sent to each NHPA Officer and to each Charter President, by the NHPA Secretary-Treasurer, within thirty (30) days of their approval.

SECTION 9. All NHPA Bylaws and RGS amendments or revisions that are passed at the Convention shall become effective on January 1 of the following year, unless otherwise specified.

SECTION 10. A city or organization desiring to hold a World Tournament shall place its bid in the hands of the NHPA Secretary-Treasurer by the 15th of March, two years in advance. The NHPA President shall designate one or more members of the Executive Council to open bids after he/she has determined that these members shall have no conflict of interest in the matter. No bids will be considered unless all of the following conditions are met and approved by the Executive Council:
  1. The facilities available for conducting the tournament are stated.
  2. A minimum bid of $21,000 in cash is offered.
  3. A minimum payment of one third (33%) of the total cash bid shall accompany the bid (this deposit is refundable, after the Convention, upon request of the unsuccessful bidders).

SECTION 11. The Convention shall award, by a majority vote, the privilege of hosting a World Tournament, two years in advance. Absentee voting for the World Tournament site shall be allowed for any Charters unable to send a delegate to the NHPA Convention. That voting shall be confidential and the absentee ballots will be opened only after the voting on the floor of the Convention has been completed. Absentee ballots for this World Tournament site vote must be received by the NHPA President on or before the Friday prior to the Convention. If three or more sites are bidding and none receives a majority vote, the two sites receiving the most votes will have a run-off on a second ballot. In case no World Tournament bid is received by the NHPA deadline, the Executive Council has the authority to award the Tournament site, but only for that next open year.

SECTION 12. Bidders who are awarded the World Tournament must sign a contract that, among other things, requires the total bid to be paid at least one year prior to the beginning date of the tournament.

ARTICLE X: Parliamentary Authority
The Rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the proceedings of the NHPA in all cases to which they are applicable, and in cases where they are consistent with these Bylaws.

ARTICLE XI: Amendments

SECTION 1. These Bylaws may be amended as follows:
a. At every third Convention beginning in 2008, by a two-thirds majority vote, provided previous notice was given in the Call to Convention.
b. An Emergency Amendment may be considered at any Convention if consent is given by a three-fourths (3/4) majority vote of the Convention delegates, and provided that the Emergency Amendment arises out of the business of that Convention.

These Bylaws may be revised at any Convention provided a revision has been ordered at the previous Convention, and by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the seated delegates at that Convention.

If a revision is authorized, there shall be no other amendments proposed to the existing Bylaws.

Last complete revision adopted July 16, 2006
Bylaws last amended July 20, 2014